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Chad Rogers is known best for his work in the American show Million dollar Listing. Chad Rogers wiki page is absent from the news tabloids, but that does not stop people from asking about his present whereabouts.


At the age of 40, Chad Rogers has already achieved a lot when it comes to his appearance in television as well as his career as a realtor.


Chad Rogers was born on the 5th of April. 1977. His birthplace is in Malibu, California. He is a personality of white ethnicity.

Early Life and Career

Chad Rogers career started off as a realtor. He has been doing the work of a real estate agent since a very long time and his success in the field led him to be cast in the television show called Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. The show chronicled the lives of four real estate agents as they bought, renovated and sold houses in Beverly Hills, Malibu, and Hollywood. There have been three spinoffs of the series, the later ones of which have been called Million Dollar Listing New York, Miami and San Francisco.

Chad Rogers was a part of the series from its 1st to 3rd seasons. After that, he left the show to pursue his personal interests. Even after he left the show, he has been on the highlights of fame amongst his fans around the world. Chad Rogers wiki page is absent, but his fans will be astounded to known that he has the net worth of a whopping 10 million dollars. Chad Rogers net worth is constantly on the rise.

Personal Life and Spouse

The reality television personality, Chad Rogers has become extremely popular amongst his fans. his personal life details too have been searched avidly by them. Chad Rogers gay rumors have been up and about in the news tabloids but it has not been known to be true. He surely seems to be single and has not married yet.

Awards, Achievements and Recognition

Chad Rogers career has made him extremely popular amongst his fans. While Chad Rogers wiki page is absent, he is followed extensively on social networking sites. He is, was and will be recognized best as a personality who has made it to the heights of fame from his real estate business and he will certainly continue to win the hearts of his fans around the world in the years to come.

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