Noel Areizaga Biography, Net worth and Dating

Noel Areizaga Biography

Noel Areizaga is a dancer and actor, born in 1983 in New York City, United States of America and raised up in Tampa Bay, Florida but the actual Noel Areizaga age according to month and date is not found in any online sources. His parents always supported him to become a dancer since his early teenager days. His official career started as a dancer for a theme park, when Noel was 19 years old. Since then, Noel was idealized as one of the best dancer. Besides making his walk in dancing, Noel is interested in writing poetry, being an emcee, beat boxing and rapping. Noel is also popular for his top mouth piercing, tattoos and straightforward attitude. Noel has done very limited work in television shows and films but his performs in those shows were enough to make him popular among his fans.
In the year 2007, Noel was screened for the teen film Bring It On: In It to Win It in the role of Ruben. Likewise next year in 2008, Noel got an opportunity to participate in Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC) which was an American competitive dance reality series that features both national and international dance crews. Noel was the leader of the dance septet Enigma dance group. But sadly, the group got eliminated in the 1st episode of the show ranking 9th out of 12 groups.
It is unexpected to know that Noel Areizaga biography is missing from the most visited site Wikipedia. Few of his details are given in wiki site IMDb and various other webpages and blogs. It seems that Noel is not much involved in with the social sites like Twitter or Facebook, but his followers can get connected with him through his official site of Instagram where Noel uploads his recent pictures and has more than 3,864 followers. His supporters can also subscribe him in his YouTube channel titled as Mouse Vader.
Regarding his love life, Noel Areizaga dating history is kept very secret in the media. Though Noel likes to keep his profile very low, there are various rumors that Noel is a gay but the truth has not been spoken yet. Recently, Noel is not dating anyone and is not married yet. Currently, Noel is working as an instructor for various reputed dance company. As Noel succeed to earn millions of hearts, we can guess that Noel must also be earning whooping amount in millions but the Noel Areizaga net worth is not available in the internet.

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