Rajesh Hamal Biography, Net Worth And Marriage

Top Celebrity in Nepal

Top Celebrity in Nepal


Top Celebrity in Nepal

Top Celebrity in Nepal

Rajesh Hamal is the superstar of Nepali film industry. He chooses acting as his carrier in Nepal that wasn’t really easy, but he along with his great talent and diligence; he kept the Nepali industry to an excellent height and standing.

  1. Rajesh Hamal has been the recipient of one hundred thirty National Awards together with fifty Nominations (Top Celebrity in Nepal)

As the preferred and well-known actor from Nepal, it’s no news that Rajesh Hamal is that the most white-haired actor World Health Organization has been white-haired by several Nepalese that live all around the world. To the movie industry, his contribution has been insurmountable. His immeasurable contribution to the Nepalese film industry has revolutionized the industry as a full. His initial motion-picture show was ‘Yug Dekhi Yug Samma’ and since then, he has given wonderful movies to the fans World Health Organization wish to envision him on screen taking part in out the lives of traditional Nepalese. Thanks to his contribution, Rajesh Hamal has been the proud recipient of one hundred thirty National level awards and has been appointive for fifty different awards. Rajesh Hamal has already contended in on the point of three hundred movies. Towards the start of his career, he had done virtually 10-12 films each year that could be a nice variety that shows his dedication towards his work. Currently, he solely will a movie each year as a result of he has been concentrating on social works over movies. Rajesh Hamal is

  1. Overzealous with Long Hair (Top Celebrity in Nepal)

This is reasonably a peculiar obsession that our sensation has. We’ve got all been accustomed seeing him in long hair since his younger years even thus far. This can be as a result of Rajesh Hamal doesn’t like short hair and likes to stay his hair pretty long all the time. He’s thus captivated with his long hair that he would ne’er cut it short even for roles that demanded that he cut his hair short. as an example, even supposing this sensation asterisked in quite a few movies wherever he was presupposed to be a lawman, he ne’er cut his hair short to urge into the character. He was such a lot obsessed that he failed to cut his hair short even once his father invalid. Consistent with Hindu culture and customs, sons are presupposed to shave their heads once father expires, however, this sensation denied doing this. That’s why long hair has been a trademark to Rajesh Hamal.

  1. The foremost Educated Actor in Nepali industry (Top Celebrity in Nepal)

Nepali industry has ne’er been a quite literate or educated field. Most of the actors and actresses that we’ve got and have had were all not thus educated. So, amongst them, Rajesh Hamal being associate degree M.A pass has been the foremost educated actor. Rajesh Hamal studied in Bhanubhakta Memorial Higher School up to grade eight. once that, he captive to the capital of the Russian Federation, Russia since his father was transferred there to be the ambassador or Nepalese embassy in the capital of the Russian Federation. He completed his college-level education there and later, he completed his masters in English degree from Chandigarh University, India.

  1. Married at fifty (Top Celebrity in Nepal)


We all apprehend that there has continually been a great deal of ladies World Health Organization was fully infatuated with him simply because of his movies, temperament, and outlook. But, it’s shocking to grasp that Rajesh Hamal, well into his 40s, was single. He failed to deny marrying however still obtaining wasn’t married till terribly late. This point and once more became a national issue in Nepal additionally. as a result of everybody was questioning why he failed to wish to cool down. But, the gossips all over once this sensation met Madhu Bhattarai and determined to marry him on twenty-four could 2014. Madhu is twenty-eight years recent solely that makes the age distinction a great deal. But still, even supposing in his late years, he did realize true love and our sensation did cool down.

  1. Injury throughout ‘Sadak’ motion-picture show (Top Celebrity in Nepal)


During the picture taking of the motion-picture show ‘Sadak’, Rajesh Hamal had a severe injury thanks to that he was hospitalized. it had been the last decade of the 90s once action movies were quite a craze in Nepal. throughout this point, Rajesh Hamal acted during a heap of action movies. however within the year 1994, whereas he was shooting for the motion-picture show ‘Sadak’, he had a scene wherever he had to rescue his relations from enemies. He had to interrupt the walls of a jail so as to urge out of there. But, throughout the picture taking, the bricks of the wall, whereas breaking, all got wind of himself. As a result of this, he was badly hurt and was hurried to the hospital directly. He was all lined in blood and had to be hospitalized for a few weeks. After that, he was even suggested to require complete bed rest for 5 months. But, throughout the time, being the skilled actor that he was once he recovered, he did complete the motion-picture show. And this motion-picture show was a brilliant hit among his fans in Nepal.

  1. Net worth (Top Celebrity in Nepal)

    Top Celebrity in Nepal

    Top Celebrity in Nepal

Nepali film industry is not well established financially and so the people of this either actor, actresses or others are not highly paid. It is said that he used to have 6-8 lakh of Nepali rupees (around 6000 to 8000$) he used to have in a film. However, some records show that his net earnings are 30 crore Nepali rupees(which is around 300000$.)


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