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Actress Helen Hunt was born on 16th June 1963 in Culver City, California, United States of America which makes Helen Hunt age of 52 years old. An American actress Helen Hunt is also a film director and screenwriter.

From Helen Hunt bio, we can know about her personal life too. Helen Hunt age was very young when Hunt started her career in acting. Actress Helen Hunt worked as a child actor in the seventies. Her first television show titled as Pioneer Woman in the role of Sarah Sargeant. Helen Hunt age was just 10 years old then. Since then Hunt worked in Death Scream, Ark II, Darkroom, Desperate lives, It Takes Two, Choices of the Heart, Shooter, Mad About You, friends, Empire Falls and is recently working for an upcoming American drama event television series Shots Fired in 2016. Likewise, Rollercoaster is her first film and has done the role of Tracy Calder in the year 1977. Some of her popular films are Trancers III, Project X, Next of Kin, Only You, Kiss of Death, Pay It Forward, Cast Away, Bobby, Every Day, The Sessions, Ride and many more. Helen Hunt feet look lovely and stunning when they are wet. We can see Helen Hunt feet which are already wet in one of the episode of her series Mad About You.

Talking about actress Helen Hunt love life, Hunt was rumored to be dating with the agent Doc O’Conner in 1991 and the musician Adam Guettel. In the same way, Hunt had a relationship with an actor Matthew Broderick for a few months in the year 1987 but soon they got separated. Similarly, actress Helen Hunt dated with an actor Eric Stoltz also for few months in 1992. After two months, Hunt started dating with actor Hank Azaria in 1994 and got engaged in 1997. Helen Hunt age was 36 years old, when the couple got married on 17th July 1999 but sadly splitted in July and divorced in December 2000. Currently, Hunt is in relationship with writer Matthew Carnahan since 2001 and has been raising their daughter Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan.

Moving towards her appearance, Hunt is a very pretty lady and looks beautiful even today at the early 50s. Hunt has a sexy bikini body with perfect curves. Helen Hunt feet look sexier in tights. At the young age, Helen Hunt feet were flaunted for the photo shoot of In Style Magazine for George Holz in December 1997. Hunt loves to walk bare feet and Helen Hunt feet have been clicked many times from the media person. On November 2010, Helen Hunt feet were totally bare and were walking along the street in L.A with her six-year-old daughter Makena. Helen Hunt feet are calculated as the size of 9 according to US measurement. According to the recent data of 2016, Helen Hunt feet have won more than 995 total votes which are considered as one of the highest vote among numerous actresses.

Talking about her nomination and awards, Hunt has already won more than 25 awards and has been nominated under around 28 categories. She was placed on the 50th position as most beautiful people in the People Magazine. She has made record by winning most important awards. She has succeeded to win Four Emmys Awards, Four Golden Globes  awards,  two Screen actors Guild awards, three viewers for quality television award, a Blockbuster Awards, Oscar and more. Hunt was ranked as only the second actress to gain Golden Globe and also became the 13th actress to achieve an Academy Award. Helen Hunt feet looked awesome in the award ceremony and in her many interviews. Though, Helen Hunt feet are large, they seem perfect with her appealing body figure.

Helen Hunt bio can be read in the most visited site Wikipedia and IMDb. Similarly, the recent updates on Helen Hunt bio must also be known through her social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The pictures of Helen Hunt feet are also trending in video sites like YouTube. Helen Hunt bio can also be found in various online sources including blogs and webpages. Likewise, Helen Hunt feet images can be watched in the online sources like pin interest. Helen Hunt feet is rated with five star as the most beautiful feet among the celebrities. Helen Hunt feet are very attractive and well-toned. Helen Hunt feet are also really big which are loved by her fans. can find her facebook page.

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