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Adam Burbank Lazzara is a musician, known best for being the lead singer of the American rock back named Taking Back Sunday. He has also been known to play the guitar and the harmonica for the band and has been actively involved in the musical fraternity since 1999. Born on the 22nd of September, 1981, he is currently at the age of 34 and has managed to garner the attention of a huge number of fans around the world at this age. He is a musician who specializes in alternative rock, pop punk, emo as well as post-hardcore genres and has been signed into the Hopeless Records, Victory as well as the Warner Bros. Records according to his bio. His career with his band, is more closely followed than his personal career. Adam Lazzara wife is Misha Vaagen. Mish and Adam have a son named Keaton Ari Danger together.

Another fact about this musician, which has been covered widely by news critics around the world, is his married life. He dated Chauntelle Duplee, the guitarist of the band Eisley. They met on a tour and started dating on 2006. They got engaged on the 14th of February, 2007 and their relationship was covered widely by fans and critics all around the world.  They were set to get married on the March of 2008. Despite the anticipation of his fans about his marriage to Chauntelle, it was announced on January, 2008 that the couple had split up and would be parting ways. This was followed by the fact that he started dating his current wife Misha Vaagen, a month after his split from his fiancée. She is a former local bartender and the family friend of the DuPrees. They dated for duration of five months and it was known that the couple got married secretly on 2008. The secret marriage was covered widely as a big deal by his fans. Adam Lazzara height is 6ft 1 inch.

Mish and Adam have a son named Keaton Ari Danger together. He was born on January, 2009. The couple lives happily in Charlotte, North Carolina and they have another son named Asa Joseph Danger together, who was born on 2013. The personal life of this musician is surely getting along pretty well. He has a huge net worth and salary to support his family and live a great life. It can be said for sure that with more hits as a lead vocalist of Taking Back Sunday, and for the successful tours they complete, he will be more popular across the world as time comes.

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