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Ariel Winter bio states her to be an actress of American nationality who has been known best for the portrayal of the role of Alex Dunphy in the comedy series Modern Family. She has also been known for her role of the voice of the character Sofia the First. Ariel Winter bio states that she was born on the 28th of January, 1998 and at the age of 18; she has managed to accumulate the interest and the attention of a huge number of fans from across the world. She is a native of Los Angeles, California and she has managed to win the Screen Actors guild Award for Best Ensemble in a Comedy series.
Arile Winter has not only been known for her roles in Modern Family and Sofia the First, but started her acting credits at the mere age of 6. She started off with a commercial and her first television roles appeared at the age of seven where she appeared in an episode of Listen Up. She then was cast in smaller roles in Monk, Freddie, Bones and ER and then was put in for the role of Alex Dunphy in Modern Family. This has been her most notable role up to date and this will surely continue to give her more roles in the days to come. She has also appeared in several feature films like Fred 2, Duress, Opposite Day as well as Speed Racer.

Ariel Winter weight gain issues have also made it very much to the highlights of news tabloids. Ariel Winter weight gain was criticized highly by news tabloids and she has spoken out against the body shaming that she has been given by the news tabloids. She has been highly outspoken in regards to the comments she has got about her personality and weight and she has never been known to be a girl who focuses much on having a zero sized body to look beautiful.

Ariel Winter weight is known to be 56 kilograms and her body measurements are 38-28-34. She has been known to have taken breast reduction surgery for her improvement of shape and structure of her breasts and has also penned an essay about it. She has managed to amalgamate the interest of a huge number of fans across the world due to her acting skills and Ariel Winter weight is not a concern in front of her acting skills.
Ariel Winter feet and Ariel Winter legs are other aspects of her extremely good personality. She has a seductive body with a hot pair of legs with extremely classy feet which makes her extremely lovable and sexy. She is a natural beauty and has a proper dressing sense which properly exposes her sexy feet and legs. Ariel Winter legs are always droned with perfect heels which accentuated Ariel Winter feet perfectly. She has a proper sense of shows and outfit and her classy dress and other aspects of her personality have managed to and will continue to make her a well searched personality across the world in the years to come. Ariel Winter net worth is USD 7 million.

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