ancreas creates hormone called insulin which supports the cells to turn the glucose obtained from the food we eat into energy. When affected by Diabetes, insulin is created, but the cells are not able to use it as it should. With Diabetes 2, our body is not able to handle glucose, in blood.

Diabetes have become a common disease all over the world. Not only with old age, surprisingly, youngsters and even children have started suffering from this disease, which has attracted attention of many scientists, doctors, medical researchers to dedicate themselves to come out with ways that would help to completely cure this disease.

The early signs or say symptoms of Diabetes occurs when one feels excessive thirst even after drinking enough water. With enough water intakes, it seems natural when one may have frequent urination. However, this is also a sign to show that the body is having difficulty to use the nutrients it requires and there are excessive sugar that the body is not able to control which results in poor functioning of kidneys as with less insulin, the kidneys are not able to filter glucose and just starts to dump the liquid out. The urine also smells sweet due to excess sugar in blood. We need to be careful if our breath also smells unusually sweet. Along with excessive thirst, you also have excessive hunger which happens due to unstable sugar level in the body. Tiredness, fatigue, irritability, damaged blood vessels resulting in slow healing of cuts or wounds, inexplicable weight loss, dry and itchy skin due to poor circulation, yeast infection, experience of numbness in fingers, toes, hands and fingers.


With the name of Diabetes, people fear because Diabetes is not only a disease in itself but symptom and side- effects for heart attacks, kidney failure, stroke, amputations, and depression. Many steps have been taken, many medications, insulin intakes, careful diet, precautions, and exercises for reducing the effects of Diabetes in human body has been carried out. However, it seems that much focus is attempted to minimize the symptoms rather than curing the root disease or cause. With continuous drug intakes, it hasn’t given any confidence of reducing or curing the disease. Pills for lowering blood sugar and insulin for helping with insulin resistance is actually just treating the symptom but not the Diabetes itself.diabetic cure

The 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie is a program with contribution and dedicated efforts of team of scientists and medical researchers who have come out with proven methods of tackling the ever increasing problem of diabetes all over the world and also provides exposure to some suggestions and advices regarding the condition. This is designed with main and only intention to help people understand the level of understanding diabetes is far different than we normally do and so are the ways of curing it.

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