Donald Trump Net Worth,Decline and Presidency

Donald Trump Net worth

Donald John Trump has been the name of interest and fame among the people in almost every corners of the world. This has been especially in past few months of presidential election as a Republican in USA. Throughout his lifetime, Trump has gained huge fame from his success in building magnificent real estate business world, reality television performance and also his personal relationships. With massive successes in his entire lifetime, Donald Trump has become a synonym to winning. With another, yet a major winning in his life on November 8, 2016, Donald Trump now stands as a president- elect of The United States of America. He is going to be the eldest president by January 20, 2017 as scheduled till date. Billionaire Donald Trump net worth has also raised higher day by day along with his successes. He has been able to maintain and grow his way on The Forbes 400 for more than 30 years. According to Forbes, Donald Trump net worth is 3.7 billion USD.

Childhood, Education and Early Life

In the year 1946, Donald John Trump was born in Queens, New York City to father Frederick C. Trump and mother Mary Macleod Trump as the fourth of five children. His father popularly known as Fred Trump, was already an established builder and real estate developer in Queens, Staten Island, and Brooklyn sections of New York for 20 years at the time of his birth. With privileged childhood, Donald Trump also became a subject of discipline in school for his aggressive behavior. However, he learnt to use his energy in positive manner and did academically well due to his parents’ decision to send him to the New York Military Academy when he was thirteen. To his parent’s happiness, he became student leader and also a star athlete in 1964 when he graduated. He started following footsteps of his father Fred Trump in his business by working at the construction sites for his father’s company during summer vacations. Eventually. In the year 1968, he graduated from Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania specializing in economics.
Donald Trump net worth took a start when Trump, with much higher goals and plans than those of father, entered his family business and renamed the business as, The Trump Organization. Trump, then moved to live in Manhattan in 1971 and built good number of business networks. He saw much more economic opportunity there and immediately got involved in large projects. With proper economic analysis, Trump became involved in large building projects in Manhattan with use of attractive architectural design.

Success, Bankruptcy and Achievements

Having learnt the trick from his father of inheriting the bankrupt real-estate gems, Trump made the biggest first deal of rescuing and transforming the grand Commodore Hotel (which went into bankruptcy) into the Grand Hyatt. In 1980, he opened the grand renovated hotel. The major breakthrough of Trump took place in 1983 in Midtown of Manhattan, when Trump introduced his 68-story Trump Tower featuring black glass surfaces, brass accessories. The Trump Tower is still close to the heart of Trump as he said in an interview. At this time, it is presumed that Trump had also made a space in politics. Trump had no fear to state and prove his point and one example could be the case of his involvement in a debate with Mayor Ed Koch where he stated government inefficiencies in the case of renovation of Wollman Rink in Central Park. He completed the renovation in three months below the expected budget as he had offered before.
He had already been a public figure and became more popular from his best seller book “The Art of the Deal” in 1987. With successes everywhere, Trump made a new jump by acquiring the Taj Mahal Casino. However, Trump was indebted by 1989 and went worse till 1991 with addition of more loans. This led to half-ownership of Taj Mahal casino by the Trump’s creditors and sale of Trump Shuttle airline and Trump Princess yacht.
Trump did not fear. He gradually made a comeback with great deals, one of them being 40 Wall Street which is a 70- story tower in Manhattan. With purchase price between $1-$10 million and some renovations in the tower, the price of the property by 2006 was $260 million. In 1999, Trump inherited estate worth of millions from his father after his death. Donald Trump net worth started touching skies when he continued his trend of buying and constructing Manhattan real estate. By 2001, the work continued: Construction of 72- story World Tower, Trump Place, purchase of Chicago Sun-Times building and building of second tallest tower in Chicago in 2009 which was considered as one of the best in the whole country.
Donald Trump net worth got an addition when he made an entry in a different field as people saw him hosting a reality TV show ‘ The Apprentice’ in the year 2003. Another show, The NBC show was also a hit and gained extended popularity. As per the reports, he received $3 million for every episode and $214 million for both producing and hosting the NBC show as disclosed by Trump himself in 2015. He also has produced for Miss USA and MISS Universe pageants.
Donald Trump then used another business techniques of selling or say licensing his brand name ‘Trump’ to real –estate developers which brought him fortune. According to Forbes, his real-estate licensing business is estimated to be more than $ 500 million. No wonder Donald Trump net worth has been equivalent to his tallest towers by then. Apart from the real-estate, Trump has opened and involved in other service sectors like Trump Catering, Trump Ice Cream Parlour, Trump Buffet, Trump Bar, Trump food and beverage products, clothing line, fragrance and other multi businesses. This shows Trump was an exemplary outstanding businessman in all times working well from decades.
Reportedly, Trump has given away about $7 million for his campaign and also $48 million as loan with no guarantee of return. 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump net worth has gained ups and downs but has maintained its way skyscraping all time. Some of the records as per Forbes of his valued stakes apart from his other businesses can be detailed as Trump Tower with total value of $471 million and net value of $371 million, 1290 Avenue of America with total value of $2.31 billion and net value of $409 million. Also Nike town generating one of highest rents to Trump having total value of $ 400 million and net value of $390 million. 40 Wall Street with total value of $ 501 million and net value of $345 million. Trump Park Avenue worth total value of $ 191 million and net value of $177 million. Trump Pare East total and net value of $88 million, Trump International Hotel and Tower with total and net value of $38 million, Trump World Tower with total and net value of $27 million. Spring Creek Tower of worth total value of $ 1 billion and net value of $ 25 million. Trump Plaza with total value of$ 27.7 million and net value of $ 13 million. Trump Tower Penthouse with total and net value of $ 90 million. 555 California Street, with total value of $ 1.645 billion and net value of $ 317 million. These properties’ price however has resulted rise and fall this year by millions due to political and economic reasons. Just some of these properties and his stakes makes him worth for Donald Trump net worth today.

Trump Marriage, Children and personal relationships

Trump married Ivana Zelnickova Winklmayr, who was a New York fashion model in the year 1977. Ivana Trump worked as vice president as in charge of Design in the Trump Organization after birth of Donald John Trump Jr. They were blessed with two more children Ivanka born in 1981 and Eric in 1984. They got divorced in 1992 as according to Donald, their relationship started becoming more professional than personal with time for only discussing business issues. However, reports say that Ivana decided to get divorced due to Trump’s closeness with Actress Marla Maples.
Trump however married Marla Maples in 1993 and brought home daughter Tiffany who was born in 1993. Their relationship also did not last longer and ended in June 1999. There was entrance of Slovenian model Melania Knauss in Trump’s life who was rather too young than Trump about more than twenty years junior. Trump married Melania and the couple together welcomed a baby boy, Barron William Trump in 2006. Trump has involved his children Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric to handle responsibility of vice presidents in The Trump Organization.


Donald Trump net worth, his popularity, his high networks, his business ability, his understanding of the economy had always forced media to ask him about his interest for running as a candidate for president. Trump was always found commenting and giving his views regarding the inability of presidents to run America properly. He claimed that America which is the most powerful country is in more debts than other countries. America is not using money and gaining profits as it should be and is letting other country overpower. When asked in interviews about him being interested in running for President, his answer was always no and wished America would get the great president to look over these matters. However, June 16, 2015 was the day when Trump announced that he is going to run for the president having gained trust of the Republicans. His speech and his controversial comments for Mexicans, immigrants, Muslims, media, sexist comments for woman, have been subject of debate till date and disheartened many.
Trump who would hand over the responsibilities of the business to the children before entering White House now is entrusted with biggest and hardest responsibility in his life as everyone awaits to see if he can prove what he has said ‘To Make America Great Again.’

Trump is highly active in social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and one can find information about him anywhere in the internet. He also has his official sites like

Donald Trump Net Worth, Early Life, Education, Success, Decline Achievements, Marriage, Relationships, Presidency


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