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If you wonder about who is Chris Cuomo, then he is one of the multi-talented media personality of the American journalism sector. Born on the year 1970, August 9 in New York City, New York, United States, he serve himself as American television journalist by his profession. Making his presence in the journalism industry from the very young age, he is best known for his active and enthusiastic service in CNN. Having many endeavors in number of network in the past. He has successfully handled the position of ABC News chief law and justice correspondents and has the record of serving ABC’s 20/20 as co-anchor. Coming to this far, his success is immense while Chris Cuomo net worth is $7 million.

Born and raised in New York, he is the son of former New York Governor Mario Cuomo and the brother of current Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo enrolled himself in Fordham University and obtained Juris Doctor (J.D.) and became licensed attorney. Chris Cuomo bio includes his hard core determination in his studies which is one of the result of his current success.

Chris Cuomo Net worth & Salary

Cuomo bio includes his early professional journalism career from CNBC, MSNBC and CNN. Cuomo has also served Fox News Chanel as correspondent and has also worked for Fox Broadcast Network’s Fox Files. During his tenure in Fox network. He has covered wide range of stories and controversial social issues and has also been political policy analyst for Fox News Channel. Accounting further professional encounters, 20/20 for ABC, Good Morning America etc are some of the shows and events. Also ABC News, ABC News Now, CNN morning show, New Day etc are some of the shows and events that he has successfully handled.

Coning towards to Chris Cuomo Net worth and salary. With such active enthusiasm and dedication, Chris Cuomo salary is very high. The source states that Chris Cuomo salary per year is $2.5 million. While Chris Cuomo net worth is jaw breaking and it’s sure that it will increase with time.

Chris Cuomo Height & Body Measurement

Coming to Chris Cuomo height, weight and body features, though he has average kind of body. He has won the heart of million people with his charming personality and sweet smile. Chris Cuomo height stands 1.88 m. While Chris Cuomo weight is 210 pounds. Though Chris Cuomo height is over, the rumors states that he is concerned about his weight and regularly hit the fitness center.

When it comes to Chris Cuomo married news, wife and personal life information. There’s no doubt that he is one of the lucky guy in the network. Unlike others, he has been successful in keeping out of troubles. The source states that Chris Cuomo gay news is true but the fact is not. Even, Chris is amazed that Chris Cuomo gay news is in the rise. Chris Cuomo married life is very good, he tied his wedding knot with the Gotham magazine editor Christina Greeven in the year 2001.

Chris Cuomo wife and Chris share three children with each other Mario, Bella and Carolina Regina. With such nice family, Chris Cuomo divorce is quite impossible. After all these years of marriage, Chris Cuomo divorce is out of business and with such strong bonding, it’s quite hard for them to pass that stage.

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