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Cyn Santana was born on 12th October 1992 in New York City, United States of America which makes Cyn Santana age of 23 years old now. Cyn Santana bio available in the internet includes her date of birth, her few works and love affairs. Cyn Santana age looks much younger in comparison to her talent. Today Cyn is best known as video-humorist, social magnet, singer, reality TV star, fashion designer, philanthropist and model. According to the various sources of 2015, Cyn Santana net worth is estimated somewhere around seven million dollars. In the gap of one year, Cyn Santana net worth went very high. Cyn progressed a lot and bagged many projects of advertisement, endorsements and earned royalties too. As on today, Cyn Santana net worth is calculated more than 300 thousand dollars. We can know that Cyn must be multi-talented and hardworking lady and is one of the richest celebrities in the Hollywood industry by looking at Cyn Santana net worth.

In Cyn Santana bio, we can know about her personal life. Cyn Santana dating Erica Mena was the talk of the town in the year 2013 after their relationship began from the bar in a club. Cyn believe that her feelings for Erica was real and was very happy with her and Cyn said that she is not a lesbian. The news about Cyn Santana dating with Erica was accepted by Cyn herself too. The duo was together for around a year but later got split up in 2014. There is the news and gossips on her life mostly updated last year or few years back but recently there are no new provided about Cyn Santana bio. The dream of Cyn Santana married was broken when Erica got engaged with the rapper Bow Wow. At the end of 2013, there were various rumors about Cyn Santana dating with rapper Aubrey Graham. But the truth has not been revealed yet.

At the end of 2014 in October, Cyn Santana dating relationship started with Ray Stacks. The real name of Cyn Santana boyfriend Ray is Raymond Stacks and the lovebirds worked together in Love and Hip Hop show. Cyn Santana boyfriend Ray is a producer by profession. Cyn Santana boyfriend Ray has a height of five feet and eight inches which is slightly taller than Cyn so the couple appearances look perfect in various shows and interviews. Though Cyn Santana bio is very difficult to find in the internet, the stories about Cyn Santana boyfriend is not so new to us. This is one of her long-term relationship in her life but they are no gossips about Cyn Santana married yet.

It is very hard to believe that Cyn Santana bio is not found in the popular site Wikipedia. The other mostly used site IMDb contains about her television show Love and Hip Hop only; but there is no information on Cyn Santana bio. But Cyn Santana bio can be studied from various blogs and webpages in the internet. Cyn Santana bio looks really inspiring to the people of today’s generation. Cyn Santana age was very younger when Cyn started her career as a television personality. At the very small age, Cyn became popular as a video vixen in YouTube doing impressions of popular celebrities like Nicky Minaj, Ray J and Kat Stacks. Her videos went viral as soon as it was on aired. Cyn became nationally renowned from the Vh1 reality show Love and Hip Hop when Cyn was 21 years old. By looking at Cyn Santana bio, most of her fans also started to grow in their perspective life with the help of various social sites.

Her body configuration is also available in some of the pages of Cyn Santana bio. Her body is not so tall with the height of five feet and five inches and has a body measurement of 37-27-42. Cyn has a round cheek, big breasts but a curve body figure. Being so much popular in media, it is very surprising to know that the detail on Cyn Santana bio is difficult to find. Though Cyn Santana bio is not available in Wikipedia, the information about her show is mentioned. As Cyn is in her 20s, her priority is to work more and focus for her future so there must be no question regarding Cyn Santana married. But there are numerous crazy fans of her who wants to be updated on what is going on in her life, Cyn recent and upcoming works, Cyn Santana married and so on. Other details concerning on Cyn Santana bio can also be known through various social sites like Instagram and Twitter.

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