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Danielle Steel Biography

Danielle Steel is an American author.  She was born in 1947 in New York City.  Danielle Steel boarded on a career in advertising. Her first novel, the Going Home was published, in 1973. Her books were liked by the audience receptive to her brand of romance and drama, with titling The PromiseKaleidoscopeHeartbeat, and Sisters. It became best sellers. She also has written poetry books on several children’s series and song lyrics for an album.

Danielle Steel Books (Danielle Steel Biography)

Steel’s 1st novel, Going Home, was printed in 1973. many follow-up manuscripts were rejected, however, she was back in print with Passion’s Promise in 1977, and with the rapid-fire sales of The Promise in 1978,  so her storybook career was up.

Book Sales and Records (Danielle Steel Biography)

According to her web site, Steel has written over 167 books, her works printed in forty-three languages across sixty-nine countries for a complete 650 million copies oversubscribed worldwide. in addition, the Guinness Book of World Records gave her associate degree entry for having a minimum of one book on the NY Times best-seller list for 390 consecutive weeks.

Danielle Steel Movies

More than twenty of Steel’s novels, as well as Crossings (1982), Once during a time period (1983), No bigger Love (1991) and Safe Harbour (2003), are tailored into tv movies. Jewels, that ventilated in 2 elements months when its 1992 publication, garnered 2 Golden Globe nominations, for Best restricted Series/TV moving-picture show and for Anthony Andrews’ performance as Best Actor.

What Is Danielle Steel’s web Worth? (Danielle Steel Biography)

As of July 2018, Forbes pegged Steel’s web price at $350 million, ranking her No. fifty-four on its list of America’s successful girls.

Marriages (Danielle Steel Biography)

Steel has been married 5 times. Her 1st wedding, to affluent French-American banker Claude-Eric Lazard, came once she was simply 18; they were separated by the first Seventies and unmarried in 1974.

Husband No. 2, Danny Zugelder, was in jail for theft once she met him in 1972, and back behind bars once they married and unmarried later within the decade. No. 3, Bill Toth, conjointly had his troubles with the law, as he was unable to free himself from a long addiction to the opiate.

Steel found a far better appropriate her social circles along with her wedding to shipping government John Traina in 1981, although that wedding conjointly met its ending in 1998. Shortly, later on, she marched down the aisle for the ultimate time with speculator Tom Perkins; reports surfaced that they’d separated the subsequent year, with the divorce finalized in 2002.

Children (Danielle Steel Biography)

Following her wedding to Claude-Eric Lazard, Steel had her 1st girl, Beatrix, at age 19. she had a son Nick with Bill Toth. John Traina adopted each kid upon marrying Steel, and that they went on to own youngsters Maxx, Trevor, Todd, Samantha, Victoria, arthropod genus and Zara along.

After battling bipolar disorder for abundant of his life, Steel’s son, Nick, committed suicide in 1997, at age 19. Steel afterward confined His Bright Light: The Story of Nick Traina (1998), and has known as the most in-person purposeful book.

Danielle Steel’s Homes (Danielle Steel Biography)

Steel has homes in point of entry and Paris, although she conjointly spends time in NY and l.  a.   along with her kids. Her 55-room point of entry mansion is that the former home of Adolph Spreckels, whose family supported a winning sugar company and is understood for a 30-foot encompassing hedge designed to stay out prying eyes. Her Paris flat, reportedly antecedently closely-held by the aristocrat, boasts an intensive show of art specimens, as well as a Giraffa camelopardalis within the vestibule.

Childhood (Danielle Steel Biography)

Danielle Fernandes Dominique Schuelein-Steel was born on August fourteen, 1947, NY town. She was the sole kid of John Schulein-Steel, a descendant of the German Löwenbräu brewage family, and constellation public prosecutor Câmara Stone dos Reis, a girl of a Portuguese diplomat, UN agency unmarried once Danielle was eight years previous. rending her time between France and NY, Steel was exposed to the dramas of an elite group at associate degree early age, however otherwise worn a for the most part lonely childhood. She threw herself into her books and developed a love for fashion, determinative she would pursue that path for a career. when graduating from New York’s geographic area Francis academy at age fifteen, Steel attended the Parsons college of style and NYU. However, she endured a series of health scares, as well as a neoplasm that needed associate degree ovary to be removed, and born out of school before graduating.

Early Career Danielle Steel Biography

Fluent in each English and French, Steel at the start found work as a translator, before connection a brand new House of York town ad agency, Supergirls, in 1968. it had been throughout now that a shopper named John raincoat Carter, then the editor of Ladies’ Home Journal, steered that she strive her hand as associate degree author. Steel took his recommendation, although she went on to jot down a copy for the gray ad agency in point of entry within the early Seventies because it would take many years till she might support herself by verbal creation novels.

Music, Art, and Fashion (Danielle Steel Biography)

With over one hundred books already beneath her belt, Steel teamed with a gaggle of French composers to undertake her hand as an author. Her 10-track Love Notes by Danielle Steel, discharged in Gregorian calendar month 2013, options songs in each English and French. Steel ran a recent room in point of entry for four years, and continues to hunt new items for her homes. a faithful fashionista, she conjointly frequently attends high fashion shows.

Foundations and Honors (Danielle Steel Biography)

In 1998, her son has a tragic death. Steel launched the Nick Traina Foundation to help organizations within the areas of mental disease, ill-usage, and suicide hindrance. Shortly, later on, she followed with another foundation, Yo! Angel!, that provided food and alternative provides to San Francisco’s homeless population. Steel has been embellished by the French government as an official of the Order of Arts and Letters and Chevalier of the Legion of Honor.

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