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Fareed Zakaria salary is certainly huge, and so is his net worth. He is the columnist for The Washington Post and is also known for being the columnist for Newsweek as well as of the CNN show Fareed Zakaria GPS.


The American journalist and author Fareed Zakaria has managed to win hearts and rise to fame, for his work in the Time, The Washington Post and Newsweek. He has also written five books out of which three have been international bestsellers. He has been a controversial figure, known for his extensive skills in writing and for his fame as an author and journalist.


Fareed Zakaria was born to a Konkani Muslim family on the 20th of January, 1964 in India. He is the son of Rafiq Zakaria, a political with the Indian National Congress and Fatima Zakaria who is the former editor of the Sunday Times of India.

Early Life and Childhood

Fareed Zakaria was enrolled in the Cathedral and John Connon School situated in Bombay. Later, he graduated with the Bachelor of Arts degree in the year 1986 from the Yale University. Fareed Zakaria was also the student of the Harvard University. He graduated from the same in the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Government. Fareed Zakaria salary started to grow as he was the editor in chief of the Yale Political monthly when he studied at Yale.

Career and Net Worth

Fareed Zakaria salary has risen considerably over the years, with the increase in his endeavors as a journalist and writer. Fareed Zakaria salary got to rise even more when he became the managing editor of Foreign Affairs. Fareed Zakaria wiki states that his age was merely 28 when he held the position.

Fareed Zakaria has also served as an Adjunct Professor at the Columbia University in the past. He taught a seminar on international relations at the time. Fareed Zakaria became the editor of Newsweek International on October 2000 and he moved from Newsweek to Time on 2010.

Fareed Zakaria salary increased more when he became the Editor at Large and columnist of the Time Magazine. Fareed Zakaria Washington Post career has also led him to heightened name and fame. Fareed Zakaria Washington post career involves him writing a weekly column. He is also the contributing editor for Atlantic Monthly.

Other than his column writings, he has also been published in New York Times, The New Republic, and Wall Street Journal and on the magazine slate. Fareed Zakaria has written five books in total. Out of which 4 are New York Times Bestsellers. This fact has also led Fareed Zakaria salary to rise to a greater level. His two books have been translated into 25 languages in total,

Other endeavors of his personality include being the news analyst with This Week with George Stephanopoulos of the ABC as well as being the part of the weekly TV News Show called Foreign Exchange with Fareed Zakaria. Fareed Zakaria is also the host of Fareed Zakaria GOS which airs on the CNN. He is also a producer for the HBO series Vice. Fareed Zakaria salary is huge because of all the endeavors he has carried out in print and media. Fareed Zakaria net worth is thus a whopping 4 million dollars.

Personal Life and Spouse

A naturalized American citizen, Fareed Zakaria is a married personality. His wife is named Paula Throckmorton Zakaria. She is a jewelry designer. The couple has three children, a son named Omar and two daughters named Lila and Sofia together.

The religious views of Fareed Zakaria are different from what he was brought up with. He is a self-described secular and considers himself to be a non-practicing Muslim. Apart from his work, Fareed Zakaria has also been included in a number of controversies in the past.

He has been known to be directly involved in having a role in the 2003 invasion of Iraq. He has also been impugned in the debate in the Park51 Islamic Center. Other allegations that have been put forward on him have been related to plagiarism. He has been indulged in plagiarism allegations for a number of times in the past, which have all been cleared out.

Awards, Achievements, and Recognition

Fareed Zakaria is the recipient of the National Magazine Award and has also won a Peabody Award for his show. He has been nominated for a number of Emmy’s and was given the India Abroad Person of the Year Award on several occasions. Apart from this, he has received honorary degrees from several universities.

On 2010, the Indian government granted Fareed Zakaria with the Padma Bhushan Award for his contribution to journalism. He is also a trustee of the Yale University and serves on the board of Columbia University’s International House. Fareed Zakaria height is 5 feet and 8 inches and he is known to be a personality of mixed (Indian) ethnicity.

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