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Frances Rivera is one of the successful journalist and TV persona of the American journalism sector. Born on the year 1970 in Philippines, she represent herself as Filipino-American journalist by her profession. Making several endeavors in number of networks. She is best reckon for her outstanding services in NBC affiliate WHDH as anchor. Similarly, Rivera is popular for her involvement in NBC news and MSNBC. Coming to this far and reaching to the utmost height, Frances Rivera net worth defines her immense success. While Rivera bio can be inspirational factor for many of us.

Accounting Frances Rivera early childhood memories, she was born in Philippines. At the age of 3, The entire family moved to Austin, Texas. Though the family settled in Dallas, Texas, Frances received her entire education from her home country. She went to University of the Philippines and received her degree in journalism. Returning back to United States, Frances without wasting any time joined CBS Morning News and started her professional career.

Frances Rivera professional life

Highlighting more about Rivera professional life, she has successful endeavors in CBS affiliate KWTV in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and NBC affiliate KFDX. Similarly, she has also worked behind the camera for CBS New’s The Morning Show in New York and excellently covered the Presidential campaign held in the year 1996. The big break came in Frances life in the year 2001 when she enrolled herself in WHDH-TV in Boston and later promoted to news anchor in 2006. Serving the network from 2001 to 2011, she left the network due to family and personal reason and went to New York in order to join WPIX Pix 11 Morning News.

Along with her successful work ethics and hard core dedication, Frances Rivera salary is a huge topic in media. The source states that Frances Rivera salary was huge in WPIX and is one of the reason to leave Boston. No matter what the story is Frances Rivera net worth and salary is a complete mystery for her fans.

It is difficult to answer how tall is Frances as we could not determine the exact Frances Rivera height. But it is estimated that her height is above 5 feet 6 inches. She is sensational and she has been blessed with marvelous, sexy, long legs and feet. Frances Rivera measurement is natural and looks perfect in short clothes. Frances Rivera measurement in bikini dress has the power to turn on any man living in this planet. However, Frances measurement and other features has been well hidden from the media.

Rivera Relationship

When it comes to Frances Rivera husband, married and other personal information. She is a happily married woman. Though she might have several relationship in the past, Rivera past life is nothing more than a mystery. Frances Rivera husband is Stuart Fraas who is a Boston based mortgage broker. After dating for several years, Frances Rivera married Stuart in 2003. Frances Rivera married is taking a good shape as they share two children with each other. They welcomed their first daughter Tessa in 2010, second child Laz, Conrad in 2012. With such strong bonding, the couple has very less chance to go for divorce and separation phase.

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