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George Clooney is a versatile personality of American nationality. He has been known for being a producer, director, screenwriter, activist and producer. He has been known in the acting fraternity for his extremely well known roles on film and television which has helped him garner a net worth of jaw-dropping 180 million dollars. He debuted in acting from television on 1978 and has been known for his role of Dr. Doug Ross in the medical drama ER which ran from 1994 to 1999. His major film appearances include the likes of Batman and Robin, Out of Sight, Ocean’s Eleven and the comedy Confessions of a Dangerous Minds. This award winning, versatile actor has won a number of Awards and recognitions for his acting credits.

He won his first Academy Award for the category of Best Supporting Actor for portraying a role in the thrilled Syriana on 2005. For producing the political thriller Argo, he won the Academy Award for Best Picture. George Clooney Oscar nominations are eight in total, thus making him the only person who has been nominated in six different categories in the Academy Awards. This Oscar winning actor is also the recipient of three Golden Globe Awards and needless to say his net worth obtained as a versatile personality who has contributed in the acting fraternity is justifiable.

With a net worth of 180 million dollars, there certainly isn’t much that this actor cannot find. George Clooney house too reflects his riches and personality. George Clooney, with his wife Amal Alamuddin is the proud owners of a mansion in Bristish countryside. Their 5.5 acre private island estate is situated in Briatin’s Sonning-on-Thames and features 10 bedrooms. Other highlights of the house include the presence of spa area, boathouse, closed cirtcuit TV’s for security as well as extensive gardens to stroll around. This house of his, which has been known to worth a whopping 12 million pounds, is the fourth home of Clooney. George Clooney houses are also located in Lake Camo, Los Cabos as well as Los Angeles. His style of living and the accessories present in his home are over the top and owing to the extensive amount of money he earns, it’s justifiable to live in such a high class facility. His house was flooded by the river Thames on January, 2016 due to the aftereffects of heavy rain. The newly renovated house was hit hard by the flood but it now seems that the situation is back to normal.

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