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Oprah Winfrey is one of the most popular and powerful ladies in North America. Obviously, a lot of people would like to meet her or get the ways to know how to contact Oprah Winfrey. Here are the few methods through which you can get in touch with her.

Email or phone

The address to write Oprah Winfrey is available on her own website called as Oprah.com. In the site there is a section on how to get in touch with Oprah and her staff, you can send a message to Oprah Winfrey email address. If you are lucky enough then Oprah will surely read your mail but the chances are very low as Oprah receives thousands of messages daily. The other alternative could be getting her phone number which is available on her site.

Through social networking

Oprah Winfrey email address can be obtained through various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Oprah has a free profile on Facebook so that any of her followers could easily find her account and get information about her. There are more than 11 million followers on her Facebook. Similarly, in the case of Twitter, Winfrey has more than 30 million followers. You can follow her, comment on her status, tweet on her Twitter account. Likewise in Instagram, you can like, post and comment on the pictures where Oprah has more than 4.6 million followers. You can also follow her on LinkedIn where you can create a free profile to show your professional goals and achievements. Oprah has over 100, 000 followers in LinkedIn.

Via Media Outlets

The other option is to be the part of the show that she hosts.  You can visit the site Oprah.com and go to contact us button. Click the button and new screen will appear. All you need to do is to fill that form and apply and if your story is interesting then you will definitely get the chance to be on television and contact Oprah. As she herself is the voice of creative content. Likewise, you can also share your feedbacks and articles in Contact O Magazine which will also give you to the great chance to get Oprah Winfrey contact info.

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