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Jameis Winston, nicknamed Jaboo is the popular American football player who plays from Quarterback position for Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Jameis Winston hometown is in Bessemer, Alabama where he was born in 6th January of 1994. Currently at the age of 22 years, Jameis has been actively involved with this sport since his high school days. Jameis has always found one thing or the other to remain in the focus of media. Previously, he was associated with the shop lifting case. Similarly, he was also popular for the crab legs. According to the latest Jameis Winston News, Erica Kinsman, one of the previous student of Florida State University had accused Jameis Winston of raping her in school. When the girl decided to file the case against Florida State University (FSU), the University was ready to pay USD 950000 to the girl to settle the matter and to persuade Erica to drop the lawsuit against it. But this settlement will not affect the lawsuit against Jameis Winston. According to the recent update on Jameis Winston rape case, Jameis has also countersued Erica telling that he had not forced sex with Erica and that they had sex only after getting each other’s consent but now Erica was trying to discredit Jameis by bringing that issue to the court.
After completing the elementary level education, he joined Hueytown High School where he got an opportunity to master his skills in both baseball and football. Soon, he came into limelight after media began to cover his story when he became the youngest sportsman to win Heisman Trophy. He played a key role in securing place for Florida State in National Championship in 2013. He has an athletic body with 6ft 4in height while he weighs 105 kg.
According to the recent contract that he made with Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he receives USD 23.35 million as a salary while he had received USD 16.7 million as a signing bonus which contributed in increasing Jameis net worth to USD 20 million in 2015.
Jameis Winston parents were Antonor and Loretta. His family members also include a brother named Jonah. Jameis is dating Breion Allen now who is a sportsgirl. Jameis statistics can be found in popular websites like wiki.

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