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Jennifer Jason Leigh is an actress of American nationality, known best recently for being starred in the television series Revenge. She acted in 7 episodes as the mom of the main character Emily. Jennifer’s character of Kara Clarke-Murphy on Revenge and her other breakthrough roles on film and television including the likes of Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Backdraft, and The Anniversary etc. has made her an actress hugely liked and respected by her fans around the world. At the age of 54, this pretty actress has managed to be nominated in the Golden Globe Awards, BAFTA Awards as well as the Academy Awards for several of her roles. She has also been nominated for a Drama Desk for her performance in Abigail’s Party.
Jennifer Jason Liegh Plastic surgery too is an affair talked about by her fans widely in the news tabloids. The comparison of her before and after surgery photos show a considerable change in the appearance of her face, which leads to the belief that she has actually gone under the knife. She has been assumed to have undergone procedures to inject fillers onto her face, but the before photos look even better on her.
The pretty Jennifer was a married woman who had been married to Noah Baumbach form 2005 to 2013. She has also been known to have dated Kevin Spacey, Robert Downey Jr, Steven Shainberg, and David Dukes. She also dated Eric Stoltz and Jason Patrick and is currently known to be single.
Jennifer Leigh famous movies include the like of Baretta, Eyes of a Staranger, Easy Money, Wrong is Right, Grandview U.S.A, The Hitcher, The Men’s Club, Sister, Sister, Under Cover, Miami Blues, Backdrift, Rush, single White Female, Shortcuts, Dolores Caliborne, A Thousand Acres, The Anniversary Party, The Hateful Eight, LBJ etc., all of which have been hugely successful in the film industry and have led her to critical fame and acclaim. This has also led her to attain a net worth of a whopping 5 million dollars. Due to her huge salary and net worth, Jennifer has managed to buy a high end house in Los Angeles and is currently known to be residing there. Her looks defy her age and her performances have been hugely appreciated by all film fans around the world. it is safe to say that she will surely be into the movie fraternity for a long time to come and will attain more success in the upcoming years.

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