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Popularly known as highest paid actress according to Forbes, Gorgeous Jennifer Shrader Lawrence has reached to heights of success with millions of fan following in a very young age of 26. This Oscar nominated best actress’s, Jennifer Lawrence net worth in the year 2015 was estimated to be $52 million. Though a downfall this year with $46 million, she still managed to top the highest paid actress range. Jennifer Lawrence net worth shows her increasing stardom and huge popularity in Hollywood. Her brilliant natural acting skill has made her worth it.

Born in August 15, 1990, cute American blonde J.law grew up in Louisvelle, Kentucky. Jennifer grew up with her family of total 5 members including 2 older brothers, Blaine and Ben. Tomboy J.law in her childhood and teen had too much energy to fit in with group of girls. Instead, she was found busy playing basketball, hockey with the boys. At school age, she had an aim of becoming a doctor.She helped her mother in her nursing campaigns too. At the age of 14, a model agent in Union square scouted her on spring break after which she moved to New York City. After all this, Soon to Los Angeles where she began her acting career by playing guest roles in television shows. She entered into Hollywood by a film debut with a supporting role in Garden Party in the year 2008.


With perfect figure of 34-26-36 weighing around 139 lb and height of 5.8 feet. Jennifer Lawrence net worth maintained solely through her acting skills. While, she never received or attained any training or degree program. Agnes, Mariana, Ree Polly, Noran, Samantha, Elissa, Raven, Katniss, Rosalyn, Tiffany are some of the character names marvelously portrayed by Jennifer in her best films.

She made history through her dedication and fighting spirit in her films. Either for the character of Ree Polly in “Winter Bone”. She appeared like the character for the audition even after a denial of being too pretty for the role. Auditioning for  Katniss Everdeen in the series of “The Hunger Games” after losing parts for films like ‘Twilight’, ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ and ‘Superbad’. She made wonders after being nominated for an Oscar in Winter’s Bone. Her first film of ‘The Hunger games’ made $691 million of revenue worldwide. Her efforts in films like ‘X-men’, ‘The Hunger Games-series’, ‘American Hustle’, ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ have entitled her for many awards like Academy Award for best actress and Oscar nomination for best supporting and lead actress.

Jennifer Lawrence Net Worth & Salary

The millions and millions of gross revenue earned by her films with her lead role enhanced Jennifer Lawrence net worth and she has proved herself to be the highest demanding actress. J.Law also have shown efforts in advocating for feminism and gender equality, and has established Jennifer Lawrence Foundation. Through this foundation, she supports various charitable organizations. She has proven her belief by showing her dissatisfaction in Hollywood’s tradition of disproportionate payment to Hollywood actors and actresses and had thrived to demand equal revenue as paid to the actor in her upcoming films. This had also contributed for her risen net worth. Hats off to her spirit.

Having a look in her romantic life, seems like, we can see that she was dating Graham Patrick Martin in the year 2008-2009. The relationship didn’t seem to last longer when she was noticed dating Nicholas Hoult in the year 2010. They seemed to be happy together till the year 2014. With an end of their relationship, she was spotted with Chris Martin. However according to some source, Lawrence kissing Josh Hutcherson has been seen giving a hint of her dating him. All said and done, it’s for sure Jennifer Lawrence is a brightest star of Hollywood Universe. Her millions of fans in her Facebook and twitter proves so.

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