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Kathleen Doyle Bates, known better as Kathy Bates (age 67 years) is an exceptionally talented actress of English ethnicity, known for her portrayal of several roles in film and television. Kathy Bates net worth is 32 million dollars, thanks to her acting skills and expertise on screen. She played minor roles in the entertainment fraternity; back in the 70’s and rose to prominence only after her performance in the movie entitled Misery. Her role won her critical acclaim as well as the Academy Award for Best Actress and her career has certainly been uphill since then. She also received a Golden Globe for her role and her subsequent minor and major roles in television and film has been highly appreciated by fans all around the world. Kathy Bates salary per year must be huge considering her net worth.
Other major roles of this exceptionally talented actress include acting in Fried Green Tomatoes and Dolores Claiborne, both of which were highly appreciated. Katy Bates also appeared as Molly Brown in the hit movie Titanic which further led her to rise to fame. Her Broadway play performance for night Mother won her a nomination for the Tony Award and she has also been awarded an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Primary Colors. A career which spans over four decades, has led her to be nominated for thirteen Emmy Awards.
The success of Kathy in entertainment fraternity has led her bio and other details be hugely searched by her fans. She has a height of 5 feet and 3 inches, a weight of 214 pounds and a chubby personality which appeals to her fans. Kathy Bates salary is an estimated 175 thousand dollars annually. More info on Kathy Bates bio can be found in wiki sites like Wikipedia and imdb.
Kathy Bates is a married woman who has been divorced from her ex-husband. As of now however, it seems that she is currently single and certainly wants to remain so for some time. Tony Campisi was the boyfriend and subsequently the husband of Kathy. The couple was wed on 1990 and remained together until 1997. They split soon afterwards and parted ways after a divorce. After this, she was assumed to have been dating Bernard Hill on 1993. The relationship was not confirmed however. Kathy now seems to be single and will certainly remain so. It seems that she will certainly be achieving more success and attaining more fans on her remaining career in the entertainment fraternity.

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