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Kirsten Powers CNN career has made her known all over the world for being a spectator journalist with immaculate skills in the field of journalism. She began her career as a Democratic Party staff and has paved her way up to being one of the most recognized faces on television.  She is a native of Alaska and has been known also for the details related to her dating life.


Kirsten Powers CNN career has managed to make her one of the most recognized faces on screen. She is affiliated with the Democratic Party and is a columnist and pundit for USA Today, Newsweek, The Daily Beast and appears in Fox News. Kirsten Powers CNN career as a commentator started off on the 22nd August 2016.


Kirsten Powers was born on the 14th of December, 1967 in Fairbanks, Alaska. Her nationality is American. She was born to archaeologists with Irish-American heritage.

Education and Childhood

Kirsten Powers was enrolled in her hometown school. She then graduated from the University of Maryland. She later attended the Georgetown University Law School for a year and a half before moving on to work in the journalism fraternity.

Career and Net Wroth

Kirsten Powers CNN career has surely made her known more over a wider range of audience, however, Kirsten Powers started off her career in the Clinton administration whereby she was the deputy assistant U.S. trade representative for public affairs.

Kirsten Powers moved on to become the vice president for American Online, after which she worked as an AOL-Timer Warner Foundation vice president.

Kirsten Powers went on to work in New York State Democratic politics and was a staff member of the New York State Democratic Committee. She has also worked as a communications director for Virginia Fields and has served as the press secretary for Donnie Fowler.

Kirsten Powers Fox News career as a contributor has also been extensive in all respects, Kirsten Powers Fox News career and Kirsten Powers CNN career has led to the increase in her net worth. She has also written columns for The American Prospect, Wall Street Journal, Salon, New York Observer, Elle, USA Today, The Daily Beast etc.  Kirsten Powers CNN career started on August 22, 2016, and it has been gaining a lot of attention and critical acclaim from her fans all around the world.

Kirsten Powers book has become as popular as her skills portrayed in the journalism arena, Kirsten Powers book named The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech, was released to much critical acclaim on 2015. Kirsten Powers net worth has been known to have raised exponentially over the years, but the actual amount of it has not been known to her fans.

Personal Life and Spouse

Kirsten Powers CNN career is not the only detail of her life that has managed to make it to the news tabloids. She has been equally talked about, in regards to her controversial personal life. Kirsten Powers dated Congressman Anthony Weiner in the year 2002. Their relationship ended amicably. Kirsten Powers has also been known for defending him initially when his sexting scandal surfaced, later condemning his act.

Kirsten Powers got into a married relationship in the year 2010, with the Professor of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University; Marty Makary. The couple was together for three years before they finally parted ways.

While Kirsten Powers was raised an Episcopalian, she became an atheist in her adult life, she later became an Evangelical Christian by her mid-thirties and still follows the same. She has declared being visited by Jesus in the middle of the night, thus causing her conversion from an atheist to an Evangelical Christain.

Kirsten Powers is doing pretty well with her personal life as far as her current dating history can be talked about, she got engaged to Robert Draper on November 2016. Robert is a fellow journalist. They seem to be getting along pretty well with no imminent signs of a split.

Apart from her dating history, it has been known that she is an avid supporter of universal health care and supports same-sex couples.  She opposes the Fairness Doctrine, favors gun control and has opposed the Iraq War openly. She also opposes the death penalty and supports the pro-life movement.

Awards, Achievements, and Recognition

Kirsten Powers has not won any awards or achievements for her work as a journalist. However, she has attained high standing positions in the political ladder and is a highly respected columnist and journalist.

Kirsten Powers Twitter handle and her other social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram have been followed widely by a huge number of fans around the world. Kirsten Powers Twitter account is active and is a perfect way for fans to get in touch with her personal life and her career achievements.

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