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Leticia Finley known to most as Tish Cyrus is a businesswoman who is known for being the mother of the female pop icon, Miley Cyrus. According to Leticia Finley bio, she was born on 13th May 1967 in Nashville of USA. She went on to get married to the prominent actor and singer, Billy Ray Cyrus. Leticia Finley net worth is estimated to be $ 2 million. She is often seen enjoying time with her superstar daughter, Miley Cyrus whom she has raised to be totally free and independent.

Leticia Finley has had a notorious past and no one can deny it after hearing about her life. Finley was previously married to Baxter Neal Helson. With him, Finley went on to have two lovely children. However, their lives were very much un settled due to the various disputes. We all know that Miley has acquired her notoriety from her mother, Finley. After her divorce with Baxter she got secretly married to Billy Ray Cyrus on 9th December 1994. Billy was under a contract to not get married but the couple secretly violated the law. But, their deeds were distinctly revealed when Finley became pregnant with Destiny Hope Cyrus known to us all as Miley Cyrus. Together, they gave birth to three children. Leticia and Billy have had an on and off relationship for many years and the public is quite amazed. They have already seems to divorce twice but Leticia’s statement about their failed divorce like ‘We woke up one morning and found out that we love each other’ has baffled the media. She is currently the mother of five children named Brandi Glenn Helson, Trace Dempsey, Miley Cyrus, Braison Chance Cyrus and Noah Lindsay Cyrus.

Leticia Finley height is 5 feet 8 inches. Even after having fie children, Leticia has a perfect figure. Miley seems to be a splitting image of her mother. Leticia is currently working with her very successful daughter, Miley. She has produced to films, So Undercover and LOL starred by her daughter. She is also the executive producer of The Last Song.  The public hopes to see more of Leticia Finley in the years to come.  The bio of the very beautiful, Leticia Finley can be found on various social media sites like, IMDB, articlebio and many more. She has not been so famous for her work as a producer, thus her bio cannot be found on Wiki.

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