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Linda Cohn is a popular American sportscaster and Linda Cohn career as a sportscaster is something that has inspired many people out there. Linda Cohn is a regular anchor in ESPN’s Sports Center. Linda Cohn is an acclaimed athlete. She is a real good ice hockey player and played in the boy’s league throughout her high school.


Linda Cohn is one of those television personalities who have struggled a lot. Hence, her apparent position and prestige, all are the outcomes of her hard work and dedication. Linda Cohn career which is actually successful is definitely not a granted one.


Linda Cohn was born on November 10, 1959, in New York. She is an American by nationality. She has a very supportive mother who supported her right from her childhood.

Early life and education

Linda Cohn is said to have a pretty rough childhood. As a child, she used to wear very large glasses and faced many self- esteem issues. She suffered a pain of being an outcast. She had an interest in sports right from the beginning and she took sports as a gateway to escape her loneliness.  She had a habit of watching games on TV with her father. Cohn was interested in hockey and at the age of 15, she played in a league. She placed herself at ice hockey as a goaltender, making her high school’s boys team.

Cohn is actually a graduate of Newfield High School. After the graduation, she attended SUNY Oswego, where she was the goalie for the women’s ice hockey team. Cohn holds a bachelor’s degree in arts and communications and graduated in 1981. Cohn got introduced to Oswego State Athletics Hall of Fame in 2006. Hence, this entails a lot about Linda Cohn career.

Career and net worth

Now onto the precise Linda Cohn career path as a sportscaster. Linda Cohn career kick-started by being a sports anchor for the Patchogue, New York-based radio station WALK-AM in 1981. Cohn left this job in 1984.  She then worked four other New York area radio stations until 1987 as a sports anchor.

Linda Cohn career started taking a good pace from 1987 as in that year she became first full-time U.S. female sports anchor on a national radio network when she was hired by ABC. Linda Cohn career started with ESPN in 1992 and she is affiliated with the network till now. She was hired for SportsCenter.  Linda Cohn works with devotion and sports are something she loves. However, she was almost fired in 1994. The network accused her of not showing her love for sports on TV.

In 2008, Cohn became the regular anchor for the new morning block of SportsCenter. We also can see her hosting the podcast “Listen Closely to Linda Cohn”. To conclude Linda Cohn career in ESPN, she has reported, commentated, interviewed, written, and called play-by-play throughout and everybody loves her. With all those achievements, it is plausible; Linda Cohn net worth crosses millions of dollars. Linda Cohn net worth is estimated to be 10 million dollars.  Linda Cohn salary is about 3 million dollars per year. Well, her earnings and financial status is quite intimidating and it also motivates people to work harder.

Personal life and spouse

It is not only Linda Cohn net worth and achievements that keep the audiences’ mouth open; it is also the news of Linda Cohn divorce.  Linda Cohn was married to Stew Kaufman. They had their relationship strong but they could not stay together for a lifetime. They had their own differences. They got separated in 2008. Linda Cohn divorce stabbed many of her fans because her marriage with Stew was a long- term. They were married for 28 long years. They were together for almost a decade.  They were couple goals for many. Hearing the couple who had stayed together for so long has separated is definitely really difficult to digest. Going back, it has been revealed that they met in college.

The real reason for their divorce has not been revealed yet but some of Linda Cohn rumors follows that Linda had extra-marital affairs with Matt City. Matt is a professional hockey coach and 17 years younger than her. The rumors also follow that Linda went through knife to look younger.

Linda Cohn has a beautiful daughter named Sammy and a son named Dan. She is undoubtedly taken as an influential mother by her children. Cohn is Jewish.

Awards, achievements and recognitions

Linda Cohn is one of the influential women in the world of sports anchoring. Definitely, her contributions and work have been acknowledged.  She was named one of the 25 most influential women in sports in 2014.

Linda Cohn is active in social media. Linda Cohn twitter is active and anyone can follow Linda Cohn twitter.

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