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Lori Stokes (age 52 yrs) is not the new name in the world of journalism.  Coming towards to Lori Stokes Net worth, Lori is the celebrated News anchor for popular News Channel WABC-TV which is under ABC Television Network, New York. Lori Stokes net worth is estimated at USD 10 Million.
Her major source of income is Lori Stokes salary that she receives for serving as the co-anchor for Eyewitness News in Morning and Noon. She has worked together with co-anchor like Ken Rosato.
With more than 30 yrs of experience in News covering, she has become the best News Anchor that WBAC-TV has. Lori ethnicity has been determined to be African American. Lori was only 24 yrs age when she became the medical reporter for WICA. Impressed by her skill, she was then offered weekend co-anchor job in WICA. She decided to work for WBTV channel in North Carolina in 1998. After couple of years of success, she decided to venture in Crime News reporting as well as street reporting. So, she began working as a Crime News Reporter for WBFF-TV which was located in Baltimore. Being satisfied with her progress was simply not in her nature. She left WBFF-TV and then shifted to WJLA-TV where she served as the major female anchor from 1992 for 4 years.

Lori Stokes wedding could not have happy ending.

lori stokes husband Brian Thompson

Lori divorced her husband Brian Thompson who is a NBC reporter. Lori has two daughters with Brian. Their wedding was a grand event. Lori met her ex-husband Brian during job interview for WBTV and then Lori began dating him. Lori’s older daughter is named Alex who is a vocalist while her younger daughter is named Nicki.

Lori Stokes was one of the first anchors in MSNBC franchise. Some of her popular News shows were MSNBC Today and MSNBC Sunrise. It was during this period that she covered Columbine High School Massacre. Her other major turning point came when she covered the news of death of John F. Kennedy Jr. Lori has been associated with Eyewitness News of WABC-TV since 2000. Her co-host for Eyewitness News- Steve Bartelestein was fired in 2007 when he was found sleeping during his work. Ken Rosato took Steve’s place. More information on Lori Stokes net worth and Biography can be found in wiki site like Wikipedia.

Lori Stokes height is assumed to be 5 feet 6 inches. She has a round face and toned body. She has never done plastic surgery before. Why would she? when she looks perfect naturally. Talking about Lori Stokes family, she was born to Jay Stokes who is a Democratic politician.

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