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Malin Akerman movies have gained worldwide popularity. From her debut fiction series Earth Final Conflict (1997) to horror-comedy The final girls (2015), her appearances and journey on the Canadian production have been wonderful in its entirety.


Malin Akerman has appeared in varieties of roles on screen. Malin Akerman’s movies and her elegant beauty along with immaculate acting skills have made her one of the most admired personality onscreen. She has been known best for her role in Watchmen (2009) as a Silk Specter II.


Malin Akerman was born on 12th May 1978.Malin Akerman age is 38 as of now. She was born in Stockholm Sweden. She holds both Swedish and Canadian passports and can speak English, Swedish, French and Spanish. Her mother, Pia (Sundstrom) is an aerobics instructor and a model. Her father, Magnus Akerman is an insurance broker.

Early life and Education

Malin Akerman moved to Canada after her father was offered a job there at the age of two years. She attended different schools including Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School in St. Catharines, Ontario and a catholic school although she was raised as a Buddhist child. She also attended North Toronto collegiate institute, Dante Alighieri Academy, and York University.

Career and Net Worth

Malin Akerman movies come in varieties ranging from comedy to horror movies. In 1997, she made her acting debut on the Canadian science fiction series Earth: Final Conflict in a smaller role as a robot. She got her first starring role in the feature films, The Heartbreak Kid (2007) and 27 dresses (2008) after her appearances in many television and film parts.

Malin Akerman movies like the proposal and Couples retreat were the two commercial hits and were admired by a huge mass of people. Malin Akerman movies like Wanderlust, Stolen, ABC and The Final Girls gave her platforms to be recognized by the entire world by means of her acting.

Though Malin started her career as a model; she finally ended up with acting and was admired by the world for the best of movies that she could give to her audiences. Malin Akerman net worth is a whopping 10 million dollars as of now. Malin Akerman movies have contributed to a great increase in her assets.

In 2000, she played a role of Coed in Caleb’s Apartment in the movie The Skulls. In the subsequent years, she played movies like The Circle, The utopian Society, Harold, and Kumar Go to White Castle. In 2007, she was cast in movies like The Invasion, The Brother Solomon, The Heartbreak Kid, and Heavy Petting.In 2008, she played in 27 Dresses. In 2009, she did movies like Bye Bye Sally, Watchmen, The proposal and Couples Retreat. In 2010, she was seen in happy thank you more please and The Romantics. In 2011, she played Elektra Luxx, The Bang bang club, and Catch.44.In 2012; she played movies like Wanderlust, The Giant Mechanical man, Rock of Ages, Stolen, and Hotel Noir. In 2013, she was seen in Cottage Country, The Number Station, and CBGB. 2015, she played the movies like The final Girls, Unity and I’ll See You in My Dreams. She had recently done the movies like Misconduct ant The ticket in 2016.

Personal life and spouse

Malik Akerman made a tattoo ‘Z’ on her right wrist honoring her husband, Robert Zincone. He was an Italian musician. They met in 2003 when Akerman was the lead singer and Zincone was the drummer for The Petalstones. Zincone could not speak English so they usually socialized using a dictionary after band practices. The eventually started dating and got married on June 20, 2007, in Sorrento, Italy at Grand Hotel Moon Valley.

They used to spend their holidays in Naples, Zincone’s native city every year. They had a son named Sebastian Zincone born on April 16, 2013.The couple finally decided to be separated and announced that they were separating on 25th November 2013. Malin Akerman age was 34 when Zincone filed for divorce on December 2, 2013.

Malik Akerman sister Jennifer Akerman is a Swedish model, blogger, songwriter, and singer. She was born on 10th July 1989 in Stockholm. Jennifer Akerman attended the colleges in Los Angeles at the age of 18. She was willing to do acting but she was discovered by a modeling agency and then she modeled for several brands and commercials. Malik Akerman sister was also the participant of Lets Dance 2013 broadcasted on TV4.Moreover, she had one more sister with whom she shared the same father(Mangus) named Mikaela  Akerman.

Awards, Achievements, and Recognition

Malik Akerman won the Canadian title of Ford Supermodel at the age of 17 and this made her get to spend big 3 years as a catwalk model in Europe. She was nominated for a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress and a Teen Choice Award for her performance in the film Watchmen. Malik Akerman movies come in wide range of varieties and it can well fit the interest of all age group of people.

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