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Matt Damon (Age 45 years) whose full name is Matthew Paige Matt Damon is an acclaimed actor and moviemaker from America who was born in 8th October 1970 in Cambridge of Massachusetts. Matt Damon Net worth is currently USD 75 Million and his net worth is certainly going to be increased in upcoming years as he is still active in Hollywood. Damon latest movie was 2015 released Martian where he beautifully portrayed the role of an Astronaut who got stuck alone in Mars for more than a year before the arrival of rescue team. Matt Damon salary per year is around USD 2 Million in an average. His other successful movies are Ocean’s Eleven for which he was able to bag USD 7 million. The Bourne Identity Series was yet another blockbuster that earned him USD 10 million. His earning also comes from movie production, screenwriting and brand endorsement.
Matt has an American Nationality. Having participated in different acting events in school, he opted to pursue his career in acting further by debuting in the movie- Mystic Pizza which was released in 1988. He caught attention of critics and fans after co- writing and co-starring with Ben Affleck for the movie Good Will Hunting (1997). The movie was so compelling that it was not a surprise when it won prestigious Oscar Award and Damon had not had to look behind after Good Will Hunting.
Matt Damon house is in posh Upper West Side of Manhattan. His house is worth USD 20 Million. He also owns a beach house in Miami. There was news of Damon dating Minnie Driver while Winona Ryder and Odessa Whitmire are also in his ex- girlfriends list before Luciana Bozan Barroso became Matt Damon wife as he married her in 2005. Currently, he is living a happily married life in Pacific Palisades of California with Damon family that comprises of his wife and four children/ daughter namely Isabella, Gia, Stella and Alexia. His wife was a bartender from Argentina with whom he met in 2003 while he was shooting for Stuck in You. After dating for brief period, they saw chances of their relationship to work so that they decided to give it a shot and got married and thus she became Matt Damon wife.
Having gifted with an athletic body, Matt Damon height is 5 ft 10 inch while Matt weight is 84 kg. He has an impressive worked out body that he displayed in Elysium movie where we can see his tattoo. More info on Damon bio can be found in wiki site like Wikipedia and imdb.

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