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Phaedra Parks is a well-known celebrity of the American entertainment fraternity, known for being a participant in the reality television series of the Bravo TV, named The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She is also an entertainment attorney and according to Phaedra Parks bio, she was born on the 25th of October, 1971. Parks was born in Athens, Georgia and has known to have a net worth of a whopping 2 million dollars due to her credits on screen and as an entertainment attorney who has represented stars like Jermaine Dupri and Bobby Brown.

Pheadra Parks house was situated in the Buckhead area of Atlanta whilst her marriage to her husband Appolo. She had bought the home in 2001 with a price of 322 thousand dollars but sold it on October, 2015 on a price of 349 thousand dollars. Phaedra Parks was married to husband Apollo Nida.

The couple had been together when she was cast in the show The Real Housewives of Atlanta for the third season of the show. She joined the show with Cynthia Bailey and her success in the show was imminent. She is liked by the fans of the show due to her straight forward attitude and her successful career. She got pregnant with her first child and her pregnancy was showcased all through her inaugural season of the show. She gave birth to her first child named Ayden Adonis on 2010. She also has a second son named Dylna who was born on 2013. Phaedra Parks divorced her husband on October 10, 2014 and the separation proceedings is still going on.

The main reason for the split of Parks with her husband has been particularly due to the eight year prison statement of her husband due to fraud and bank felony charges. This is the second charge faced by her husband Apollo Nida who was incarcerated for duration of six years until 2009 for charges of car theft. As a mother who cares for her children, it has been known that Phaedra Parks has decided not to let her sons visit their father in the prison as she does not want them exposed to a prison environment. She has been involved in making the life of her boys normal. She has had a successful career and is surely earning enough to be able to manage her family life pretty well.

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