Shania Twain Songs, Biography, Age, Tour and Net Worth

Shania Twain Songs

Shania Twain songs have made her superstar singer with one of the best-selling female artists in the world.


Shania Twain is Canadian singer and songwriter. Shania Twain songs are popular among her fans and her most successful album is The Woman in Me.


Shania Twain was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada as Eilleen Regina Edwards. Shania Twain age is 51 and she was born on August 28, 1965. Twain is the daughter of Sharon and Clarence Edwards. Twain was raised in her Native land Ontario along with her mother.

Early Life and Education

Shania Twain age was two when her parents got divorced. Later Twain along with her mother and sisters Jill and Carrie moved to Timmins, Ontario. Her mother married to Jerry Twain and Jerry adopted Shania and her sisters legally changing their last name to Twain.

Twain had hard times during her childhood as her parents had not enough money. Shania Twain age was eight when she started singing at bars in order to help her family. She wrote her first song at the age of 10 entitled Is Love a Rose and Just Like the Storybooks. Twain was invited on CBC television’s the Tommy Hunter Show when she was 13. During her high school days at Timmins High and Vocational School, she was a vocalist for a local band named Longshot.


After completing her high school in June 1983 she had a huge interest to expand her musical career. Later she got an approach from the band Flirt which was led by Diane Chase. Twain started taking a class with coach Ian Garrett. In 1984, her talent was spotted by DJ Stan Campbell and wrote about her in a Country Music News article.

Later she also got a chance on the backing vocals of the song Heavy on the Sunshine of Tim’s album. In 1985, she was featured in the song Too Hot to Handle. Twain moved to Canada where she meets drummer Randy Yurko and keyboardist Eric Lambier and formed a new band. She got a final breakthrough on February 8, 1987, in a fundraiser for the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation where she performed with Broadway star Bernadette Peters.

In 1993, her debut album was released entitle Shania Twain. With the album, she reached 67th spot o the US Country Albums Charts and she gained fans support throughout the world with positive reviews from critics. Shania Twain Songs What Made You Say That and Dance with the One That Brought You were hit from the album.

Shania released her second album in 1995 entitled The Woman in Me. Shaina Twain Songs Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under and Any Man of Mine were super hit in the charts. Shaina Twain Songs You Win My Love, No One Needs to Know and I’m Outta Here was also super hit from the album. The album sold 12 million copies worldwide. Her third album The Complete Limelight Sessions released in 2001.

Shania Twins other successful musical albums are UP, The Will of a Woman, Send It… With Love, Alam Syurgawi, Bite My Lip – EP, Tani Tu Hu Mara and The Discovery Of Eilleen Twain.

Shania Twain Net worth is around 370 million dollars. Shania Twain career has been superb with lots of hit albums and songs. Shania Twain net worth is one of the highest among the country singer around the globe.

Personal Life and Spouse

Shania Twain is currently married to an executive at Nestle Frederic Thiébaud. Twain was engaged to Frederic on December 20, 2010. Later they married on January 1, 2011. They married in Rincón, Puerto Rico where few of her family and personal friends attended the wedding.

Previously she was married to producer and songwriter Robert John “Mutt” Lange . The couple met during the Nashville’s Fan Fair in June 1993. Later they married on December 28, 1993. In 2001, Twain gave birth to their first child Eja. After fifteen years of married relationship, they had divorce on June 9, 2008.

Her autobiography was released in September 2010 entitled From This Moment On. Twain is Vegetarian and abstinence from alcohol and drugs. She currently lives with her husband in Wanaka and Windsor.

Shania Twain Live In Buffalo, Ny

Shania Twain Live In Buffalo, Ny

Awards, Achievements, and Recognition

Shania Twain career has achieved greatest height with popular celebrity image and lots of awards. Twain has won Rising Video Star of the Year in the year 1999. In 2011, she received Hollywood Walk of Fame. In 2016, she was honored with Artist of a Lifetime by CMT.

Shania has been popular in social sites too especially on Twitter and Instagram. Her music videos have gained huge numbers of views on YouTube. Shania Twain songs have some things for her fans to remember her lifetime. Shania Twain songs have been followed by her fans in Shania Twain tour through the world. Shania Twain tour has been organized in several countries around the world.

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