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A versatile personality, Sarah Richardson is a designer, prop stylist as well as a television personality who has been known for being the host of her very own shows in the HGTV. Sarah Richardson net worth started out as a low amount and has increased considerably to a great value because of Sarah Richardson HGTV career breakthrough.


The birth of the famous Sarah Richardson took place on the 22nd of October, 1971 in Toronto, Canada. Her parents are Susan Cuddy and Douglas Richardson. Susan was a director of design and development for the City of Toronto while her father Douglas was a professor of art and architecture at the University of Toronto. She also has a brother named Theo who is a partner in a New York firm.

Early Life and Education

Sarah Richardson’s parents got a divorce when she was merely five years of age. She was enrolled in a high school in Toronto situated in the Havergal College. She got a degree in B.A. in Visual Arts from the University of Western Ontario. She was also in the Gamma Phi Beta Sorority while studying there.


Sarah Richardson has had a string of successful shows, which have all been aired on the HGTV. Her show Room Service airs on Canada as well as the United States. It has a series, in which Sarah remakes one room of a person’s house in the best way possible. The hit series gave rise to five home renovation television series, which have all been hugely popular with the general public.

Another program, Design Inc. airs both on the HGTV as well as the Fine Living Network. It is also showcased on SIC Mulher in countries like Portugal and New Zealand. It showcases the projects taken up by Richardson, being made from scratch to a spectacle. These projects include condo space mostly and have a series of restaurant, pigsty, Yurt, boathouse etc. being remade.

Sarah’s House is another reality series which airs on HGTV and is hosted by Sarah, it also includes Tommy Smythe and Vito Colucci as well as Sarah Richardson husband. It showcases an undervalued and outdated house being renovated. No wonder Sarah Richardson net worth is so high.

Sarah 101 and Real Potential are other series which air on the HGTV. Both of these are further installments of Room Service, which showcase undervalues properties being remade in the best way possible. All of these shows have been hugely popular with Sarah’s fans all over the world.


Personal Life and Marriage

While her two decade long career has been documented well, so are the details about her personal life. She seems to be a pretty open celebrity who lets out the details about her personal life to her fans easily. Sarah Richardson married Alexander Younger. Sarah Richardson husband is a Canadian businessman. He is also the founder of the Design Lab. Design Lab is a Toronto-based digital marketing firm which was opened on 1992.

It seems that the duo is doing pretty well in their personal lives as of now. they have not been indulged in any kind of issue and it surely seems that the couple will be married for a long time to come, They have never been assumed to be on the verge of a split and have never been involved in any kind of extra-marital issues yet. It can surely be hoped that the relationship of the couple runs along smoothly even in the time to come.

They have two daughters. Their first daughter Robin was born in the year 2006 in March. They have a daughter named Fiona who was born on 2008 in August. They have a house in Georgian Bay and the house was featured in Sarah’s Cottage. The summer house follows a green approach and is powered by propane and solar energy.

Net Worth and Facts

Sarah Richardson net worth is known to be a whopping 8 million dollars. Her meat worth has been estimated to have risen considerably over the past two years. She has been working in the deign television sector for more than 20 years and her huge salary has been the reason behind the increment of Sarah Richardson net worth to such a great amount.

Sarah Richardson Instagram and her involvement on other social networking sites have also been hugely popular with the general public. She has been known to be extremely active on social networking sites and she also has her own website which documents her life and career. Sarah Richardson Instagram photos and design pictures become instant hits with the general public. With a height of 5 feet and 4 inches and an amiable personality, she truly is a person, deserving of all the fame she gets in her life.

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