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Sean Hannity wife is named Jill Rhodes. She has been happily married to this exceptionally talented man since 1993 and the couple is doing pretty well together. Needless to state, Hannity is a television host, author and political commentator of high caliber whose name is very much heard all across USA and the world. Sean Hannity wife must be extremely wife to have such an adorable husband who is a celebrated figure across the USA.

Hannity was born on the 30th of December, 1961 and has managed to garner the attention of a huge number of fans across the world at the age of 54. A native of New York City, New York, he has been talked about best for his very own show named The Sean Hannity Show. The nationally syndicated radio talk show which airs throughout the United States, has been known mostly for his extremely relatable political comments and anchoring skills. He is also the writer of three bestselling books and Sean Hannity wife has been by his side through all of his endeavors.

Sean was born to parents Hugh and Lillian and was enrolled in the Sacred Heart Seminary for his primary education. He then went on to appear at the St. Pius Preparatory Seminary high school for his higher education. He has also been enrolled at the York as well as the Adelphi University. He started his climb to fame and critical acclaim on 1989. She volunteered at the UC Santa Barbara station named the KCSB-FM. He became popular after his name was published as one of the most talked about college radio hosts in the USA. This was the time Sean Hannity wife was dating him. This led him to be closely followed by his fans and he gained a wider fan following. Sean Hannity wife would agree to the fact that he has managed to rise up high in the heights of fame through sheer determination and skillful ideas.

Sean Hannity

Hannity has worked also for the WVNN as well as the WGST before moving on the WABC radio channel he has since been the host for the channel and has been hugely successful in it. Sean Hannity wife must be proud to not that he has also had his charm portrayed on television. Sean Hannity wife must have been charmed by his intelligence and determination and so have been his fans. He has been known for his clashes on screen and for his endeavors in the shows like Hannity’s America as well as Hannity. Hannity’s radio program has attracted the attention of 13.25 million listeners every week. He has signed in a 100 million dollar contract with the Citadel Communications. Sean hannity wife is surely proud to note that he has been named as the number 2 position in the 100 top radio hosts in the world.

The author of three books, Hannity has been married. Sean Hannity wife is named Jill Rhodes. Sean Hannity wife has never been unhappy with her marriage as she has never been cheated upon by her husband. Sean loves his wife for sure and has been completely dedicated to her for the past many years since their marriage.  The couple started dating and got married on 1993. Sean Hannity wife has given him two children. Their children are named Sean Patrick and Merri Kelly.

Sean Hannity Wife

Sean Hannity wife is surely happy with her marriage to Sean as he is successful both professionally as well as personally. He has accumulated the net worth of a whopping 35 million dollars which is enough to meet the requirements of Sean Hannity wife and children. They certainly are doing pretty well together with their economic as well as professional status being high up in the heights of fame. Hannity, who is the winner of several awards, will surely continue to continue his endeavors in the journalism sector, which has managed to make him hugely popular. Sean Hannity wife is not surely heading towards a divorce from his husband and will continue to be by his side and supporting him on his endeavors in the years to come.

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