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With a vision of a violence free, stress free world stands tall and high above all, the spiritual teacher, humanitarian leader, social activist, peace ambassador, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Founder of Art of Living Foundation’, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has been one of the most respectable teacher providing boundless services to mankind and world. Through ‘Art of Living’ workshops, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has successfully taught and is continuing to teach the real art of living to millions of people. Synonym to knowledge, wisdom, peace, kindness, generosity, eternity Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has established and developed courses that acts as tools and ways to live a peaceful, deeper and more blissful life. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar inspiring service has helped establish number of nonprofit organizations and Ashrams. These organizations provide services and knowledge to all by recognizing all and putting them in a common human identity. His powerful breathing technique ‘Sudarshan Kriya’ has proven to be helpful for mind calmness and positivity. His goal rests upon his vision to uplift mankind around the world, to reduce violence, stress, and to produce, develop leaders in order to flourish and celebrate human values everywhere.

Early Life and Education

Born in 1956, Papanasam, Tamil Nadu, India to Smt. Visalakshmi Ratnam and R.S. Venkat Ratnam, Ravi Shankar was genius right from his childhood. He was renowned for reciting Bhagwad Geeta verses and practicing meditation at the early age of four. Being student of Sudhakar Chaturvedi, an Indian Vedic Scholar, Ravi Shankar went to school in Banglore. At the age of 17, Ravi Shankar hold Bachelor of Science with degree in Physics and Vedic Literature.

Foundation and Extension of Art of Living

Ravi Shankar inspiring service went on as he participated in Vedic Science conferences giving speech expressing his viewpoints. He also worked on setting up centres of Meditation and Ayurveda. Ravi Shankar while meditating in silence for ten days on the banks of Bhadra River, Karnataka, came up with powerful breathing technique ‘Sudarshan Kriya’ and started teaching it to others. According to him, proper breathing technique helps to relieve stress, suffering and can uplift individual thinking. Ravi Shankar organized the first course of Art of Living in Switzerland in the year 1983 and conducted the first course for being operated in North America in 1986.
In the year 1997, he established IAHV, the International Association for Human Values which is a humanitarian organization with an aim to recover human morals and values along with bringing sustainable development to rural areas in association with Art of Living Foundation.

Humanitarian Efforts and Achievements

Ravi Shankar has created and developed personal and social transformation techniques and helped people be reenergized with positive energy. His charitable works through Art of Living has been able to reach to millions of people’s hearts and soul in around 154 countries in the duration of 34 years. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar got honored with the title of ‘Yoga Shiromani’ in 1986 by the President of India. In the year 1997, due to his heart touching and soul awakening services and wisdom, Sri Sri was also awarded ‘ Guru Mahatmya Award’. In the year of 1992, his prison program was indeed an inspiring service, which helped in rehabilitating prisoners and also in getting jobs after being released. In the year 2004 and 2007, he also went to Pakistan and Iraq with a mission to promote his vision of global peace and now also is member of Board of world Religious leaders. Sri Sri was honored ‘Global Humanitarian Award’ in 2005 in USA. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar inspiring service helped inspire his volunteers to help tsunami victims at 2004 providing aid with food and shelter. In 2007, Sri Sri also received ‘Leadership Award for Extraordinary Promotion of World Peace and Harmony’ in New Delhi. Forbes also listed him as 5th most powerful person in India in 2009. Sri Sri bagged ‘Atmajyoti Award’ for his efforts in the following year. In the year of 2012, Shankar initiated Volunteer for a Better India and also NONVIO Movement for eliminating violence from the society. His programs have always assisted people from various backgrounds irrespective of religion especially the victims from war and natural disasters. In the month of September in the same year, Sri Sri received ‘National Order of merito de Comuneros’.

Peace Efforts

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has acted as an ambassador of Peace and played key role in spreading his vision of violence free world in many parts of the world. His contributions can be seen in negotiation programs of Iraq, Bihar, Ivory Coast and recently Kashmir. He has been member of Amarnath Shrine Board for the purpose of the same.
Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar showed his success in Colombia by putting fifty years old civil war to an end thus got awarded highest Civilian award from Colombia. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s visit in Iraq also helped provide notable resolution support. Sri Sri ravi Shankar hosted a conference in 2005 where migrant Kashmir Pandit community was seen to be coming together.
Recently Sri Sri Ravi Shankar brought together mass number and diverse stakeholders to have a peaceful discussion on the situation in Kashmir. The conference was named ‘Kashmir Back to Paradise’. The conference had participation of families of militancy victims, ex-militants, women, youth leaders, some Kashmiri NGOs, media, academicians, rebels, Sikh Community representatives who came together for peaceful and prosperous community in Kashmir.
Today, the Art of Living Foundation is in almost 154 countries and has number of ashrams like, ‘Sri Sri Ayurveda’, ‘The Sri Sri School for Performing Arts and Fine Arts’ Ved Vignan Mahavidyapeeth’ and ‘Sri Sri Pre-University College’ . Sri Sri Ravi Shankar inspiring service and his ‘One- world Family’ message has reached to almost all parts of the world and has succeeded in awakening human values. we can find him on twitterFacebook and other social media.

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