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He is best known as America’s personal trainer and needless to state, Tony Little net worth certainly proves the fact that he has managed to become the most sought-after personal trainer in the history of America. He is a television personality as well as a businessman, known best for his infomercial products in the fitness fraternity. A certified personal trainer, he is originally from Fremont, Ohio. His infomercials have garnered above 4 billion dollars sales all around the globe. He is characterized by his enthusiastic personality as well as his ponytail that makes him so amiable to his fans.


Tony Little was born on the 16th of September, 1956. Tony Little age as of now is 60 years and his birthplace is in Fremont, Ohio.


It has been known that Tony Little was raised by a single mother. Tony Little life has not been a simple one from the start as he had to struggle greatly to achieve all that he has achieved over the years. He was abandoned by his father as a child and his mother brought him up in Fremont, Ohio. He moved to Tampa, Florida and advanced his personal fitness career.


Tony Little started off as a personal trainer since a very small age and has also been the part of the Mr. Florida and Mr. junior America bodybuilding campaigns. Despite suffering physical injuries in a car accident, he finished in the fifth place as a middleweight competitor in the NPC USA championships.

After his accident, he started training himself extensively and gained success for the strategies he applied for recovery. He released a book named One on One with Tony Little: The complete 28 Day body Sculpting and Weight Loss Program. The book instantly became a hit and sold thousands of copies he then started releasing several videos and infomercials for weight loss and body building. His videos have won several awards over the years.

His videos have garnered a total of 47 million customers and 9 gold video awards. He has also been the recipient of 14 platinum awards. QVC and HSN are his retailers.

Tony Little has also been the subject of parodies and he himself does parodies in his videos. His over-enthusiastic and appealing personality has made him dress up and imitate Susan Powter, Fabio, and Richard Simmons.

He was depicted as Peter Small in Beavis and Butt-head and has also been the subject of Bruce Springsteen’s song named Sell It and They Will Come. He has also appeared as himself and has made fun of his personality on The Weird Al show. He has also been known to have parodied himself on MADtv and has appeared in GEICO commercial too.

Other appearances include the film The Pumpkin Karver as well as VH1’s Best Year Ever, followed by Celebrity Paranormal Project on VH1. He has also been mocked and criticized for his late night infomercials but he seems to accept it with dignity and pride.

Personal Life

Tony Little dating history is as of concern to his fans, as much as Tony Little career is. It has been known that he previously dated a beauty with whom he has two children. He does not seem to want to release the information about who the mother of his children is. His children are named Tara and Trent.  As of now, Tony Little dating history comprises the name of Melissa Hall who is a fitness model. The couple has been married for a long time and has twins, Cody and Chase. The couple lives with the four children in Tampa, Florida as of now.

Net worth and Facts

Tony Little is known best for his phrases like “You Can Do it” and “Always believe in yourself”. He is also known for the use of the phrases like “It’s technique” and “No refund if it’s been opened, only store credit!” He has certainly changed many lives by his training infomercials that have been followed and liked by a huge number of fans around the world. He has been characterized as being an overenthusiastic personality who always dons a ponytail that he is recognized for.

Tony Little net worth surely has been accumulated to a great deal. This fact can be proved from statistics too. Statistically speaking, Tony Little’s infomercials have garnered a total of 4 billion dollar sales over the years. It has also been known that his business-minded spirit and his products have managed to become extremely popular amongst his fans over the world. Tony Little net worth thus is a whopping 300 million dollars. It can certainly be said that Tony Little net worth is surely set to increase considerably for the popular culture and interest he has attained of his fans over the years.

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