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Adam F. Goldberg is a prominent American television and film producer and writer. Adam is probably known to his fans through his TV series, The Goldbergs, which is based on his real life. However, he is also widely famous for movies like Fanboys, Monsters vs. Aliens and TV series like Breaking In and more.  Adam F. Goldberg’s net worth has been accumulated from his exceptional work as a movie producer and writer.  The information of the very renowned and respected, Adam F. Goldberg is widely searched about by her fans throughout the social networking sites.


Adam f. Goldberg was born on 2nd April 1976 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He spent most of his childhood days near Jenkintown.  He was born to his mom, Beverly and his late father, Murray Goldberg. Adam has two elder brothers named Barry Goldberg and Eric Goldberg. Adam was very interested in directing and producing short films. At the tender age of 15, Adam produced his first play which was titled, Dr. Pickup. Adam F. Goldberg’s mom has been a great support for him.


Adam then went on to attend William Penn Charter School from where he graduated in 1994. During his teenage years, Adam had already written and performed over 50 of his plays at various places like The Saint Marks Theatre, The Tada! Theater, The Walnut Street Theater, Sundance Playwrights Lab, and much more. Adam went on to join New York University to hone his talents as a writer and producer. He double majored in film and dramatic writing at New York University. After gaining more knowledge about filmmaking, Adam went on to pursue his dreams.

Career and path

Adam F. Goldberg’s IMDb profile reveals that he began his career in Hollywood by first working as a screenwriter. He wrote for TV series Still Standing. Adam worked there for four long years. Adam then went on to initiate the screenplay for Fanboys. After finishing the screenplay, Adam, and his team sold it to The Weinstein Company. Fanboy turned out to be a huge success for Goldberg. Soon, he began writing the screen play for Th Jetsons. The movie starred Adm Brody. However, midway through the project, the movie was canceled. He has worked in Aliens in the Attic and The Muppets’ Wizard of Oz as well. Furthermore, he is credited for writing the screenplay for the animated movie, How to Train Your Dragon. Adam F. Goldberg’s net worth has been accumulated from his various efforts in writing the screenplay for Monsters vs. Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space, How to Train Your Dragon Christmas special Gift of the Night Fury, and more. He has been credited also for being the producer of exceptional movies like The Comebacks, Daddy Day Camp, Jeff the Immortal and more.

In television, Adam has worked for Breaking In, Aliens in America, Secret Girlfriend, WordGirl and more. He has also produced NBC’s Community. But what gave Adam F. Goldberg’s net worth a boost is his autobiographical ABC series The Goldbergs . Even in the series, Adam F. Goldberg’s mom seems to be an enthusiastic lady who he reveals is the same in real life as well. The series is a huge hit. He is currently working in Seal Team 7.

Personal life

Adam F Goldberg’s wife, Sarah Goldberg has been with Adam since he was 16 years old. They met back in a summer theater program for high school students at Northwestern University. The couple has been together since. Not much has been known about Sarah Goldberg. Adam and Sarah have been married for long. There have been no rumors about extramarital affair or breakups. Adam F. Goldberg’s wife, Sarah is a huge support to him. Sarah is of Irish Catholic decent. Adam F. Goldberg’s wife Sarah is a therapist. The couple does not have any children.

Net worth, achievements, and social media involvements

Adam F. Goldberg’s net worth is noted to be $ 10 million. Adam F. Goldberg’s net worth has been accumulated solely from his work as a film producer and writer. For his exceptional work as a producer, Adam F. Goldberg has won many awards but the most interesting one was when he won the Philadelphia Young Playwrights Festival for his first play produced at the tender age of 15. He has also won Anne M. Kaufman Endowment ARTS Award in 1995.Adam was also nominated for the 1997’s Osborn American Theater Critics Association Award. In 2001 Adam won the Albuquerque Flicks on 66 Film Festival for his work in Free Wheelin’. He shared the award with Adam Turner.  Adam F. Goldberg’s IMDB profile gives the details regarding his wife, mom, net worth and more. The biography of the very talented and renowned, Adam F Goldberg can be found on various social media sites like Wikipedia, IMDb, Twitter, and more.

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