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Adam Hills is a comedian; radio personality and a television personality of American nationality who has been known for his work in the music trivia show Spicks and Specks. Adam Hills Wife , leg and other information are widely searched about by all of his fans on biography sites as well as the social networking sites.


Adam Hills was born on the 10th of July 1970 in Sydney, Australia in the suburb of Loftus. he was born without a right foot and hence Adam Hills leg is always with a prosthesis.


Adam Hills career started off in the year 1989 at the mere age of 19 whereby he appeared in the Sydney Comedy Stoe. He worked in the breakfast radio on the SAFM in Adelaide and also did some stand-up gigs in order to survive. This led him to perform at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, which made him even more popular amongst the comedy world.

He was nominated for Edinburgh Comedy Awards for 2001, 2002 and 2003 at the Edinburgh Fringe for his work and contribution there. He is known to perform especially alongside Leanne Beet. As of now, he has performed and produced ten solo shows which have been showcased on his international tours. He has also performed extensively at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival as well as the Just for Laughs Festival at Montreal.

He hit a nerve with the Australian people when he released his Working Class anthem, a single. He sang the lyrics of the Australian national anthem in the tune of the hit song Working Class Man/ the song, sang by Jimmy Barnes, led him to heightened fame and attention as his Working Class Anthem soon became viral.

On television, Adam Hills has been known for his trivia show named Spicks and Specks. He has also appeared in a huge number of Australian shows including the likes of The Fat, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, The Fat, Mock the Week, Ask Rhod Gilbert and much more. He has also been the presenter of the talk show Adam Hills Gordon Street Tonight on the ABC. He has also been the host of The Last Leg which reviewed all the events of the day in the 2012 Summer Paralympics.

Personal Life

Adam Hills has been known to be a very direct personality. He uses his own disability and his use of prosthetics as an issue for his comedy. Adam Hills leg has been used as a source of comedy for most of his appearances and he has been liked particularly for it too. Adam Hills wife is Ali McGregor. Adam Hills wife is a well-known opera soprano. The couple got married on 2009 in December. The couple has two daughters together and the pair has been known to be in a pretty stable relationship as of now.

Adam Hills wife Ali is a singer, actress as well as a cabaret performer too. She has performed in several operas in the United Kingdom as well as in New Zealand and Australia. She has also been known for her cabaret performances in several festivals around the world and she is a pretty looking beauty. Adam Hills wife seems to be a support system for him always and this certainly means that the relationship of the couple has been getting along pretty well in the past few years. The pair has two daughters together. They live together with no signs of an imminent divorce.

Net Worth, Achievements and Social Media involvement

Adam Hills net worth has been estimated to be a whopping 110 million dollars. He has been known to have sold over 100 million albums over the years and he has also sold a huge number of singles which have been known to be the major reason behind his huge net worth. Adam Hills salary too is a whopping amount and it has been said that he has been earning a huge amount of it over the years.

A huge number of awards and achievements have been accumulated by Adam hills over the years. On 2006, he was nominated for the category of Most Popular New Male Talent as well as the Most Outstanding New Talent for his work in Spikes and Specs. He has been nominated for a number of Logie Awards for the same. Adam Hills has won the Logie Awards for the category of the Most Popular Presenter in the year 2012 for his work in Adam Hills in Gordon Street Tonight/ Spicks and Specks.

Adam Hills twitter  (@adamhillscomedy )account and his other social media involvement have also made him hugely popular. Despite being born with disabilities, he has turned his life around in order to become what he is today and is an inspiration for several thousands of people with similar disabilities.

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