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Amanda Drury CNBC relation tied up in 2001 when CNBC hired Amanda for co-hosting a show, Street Sign. Amanda Drury also appeared on other business and financial related shows on CNBC as an expert and has gained a lot of fame and expertise for her work in the same.


Amanda Drury is one of the popular TV news reporters working for CNBC for more than 15 years. This beautiful and stunning journalist worked mostly in Asia Pacific division during Amanda Drury CNBC contract.


Amanda Drury was born in the beautiful country of Australia, in the city of Melbourne. So her nationality is Australian and ethnicity is white. Like most of the women, she does not like to talk about her birth date. So Amanda Drury age is still unknown. But looking at her appearance, Amanda Drury age can be around 40 years old.

Early Life and Education

Amanda Drury was born in one of the beautiful city of Australia, Melbourne. She was raised in Victoria, Melbourne. According to Amanda Drury, her early life was quite happy and satisfying in the suburb of Melbourne. She completed her graduation in the year of 1990 from Methodist Ladies’ College, Melbourne which was affiliated with the University of Melbourne. Later, she joined Australian national screen arts and broadcast school, Australian Film Television and Radio School where she enhanced herself in arts.

Career and Net Worth

After the completion of her course in Australian Film Television and Radio School, her career took off. She started hosting radio programs at the beginning. Later she made her appearance on TV. Amanda Drury was hired by Bloomberg TV channel. So Drury went to Tokyo, Japan for working for that channel. She worked there for about a year.

Later in 2001, Amanda Drury CNBC contract was made. CNBC hired Amanda Drury for hosting business and finance related TV shows. She spent 8 years of her life in Singapore in CNBC’s Asia-Pacific based headquarters from 2001 to 2009. Her first TV program as CNBC Asia Pacific host was “Market Watch” and “Business Centre Australia”. While she was in Singapore, She also hosted finance based programs like “Squawk Box” and “CNBC Cash Flow”.  Later in 2009, she was transferred to CNBC Sydney. Again in 2010, Amanda Drury was stationed to US-based CNBC station. She was sent to global based CNBC headquarters located in New Jersey. Amana Drury CNBC relation got stronger when she was in the USA. Amanda Drury CBNC USA first collaborated when Amanda co-hosted a TV show “The Call”. Amanda Drury CNBC relation continued while Drury hosted many other programs during her time in the USA. Unfortunately due to some family issues she had to go back to Australia. So, Amanda Drury CNBC USA contract was terminated in 2016 after her last appearance as the host of a show called “Power Lunch” on 15 January 2016. She returned back to Sydney, Australia.Again Amanda Drury CNBC contract was made in July 2016 when she was hired for CNBC Asia.

Her hard work and dedication for what she does has made her a successful figure in the fraternity of Journalism. Amanda Drury net worth is about $2.5 million. Since she is still working with CNBC, Amanda Drury net worth will only increase with coming years.

Personal Life and Spouse

Amanda Drury is very close to her family and kids. There is no detail and clear information about her earlier personal life is available on the internet. Amanda Drury got married to an American businessman, Tim Drury. They have two children. The couple was blessed with twins and both were boys.

No rumors of her affairs were developed. So there is very less chance that she may have divorced with her husband, Tim Drury. She is quite happy with her family life and she says she wants to give more time to her husband and kids.

Amanda Drury Instagram account does not exist. There is not any verified Amanda Drury Instagram account but she is quite active on Twitter where post posts different things about her personal and professional life. Amanda Drury twitter account has been followed extensively by a huge number of fans.

Awards and Recognition

Amanda Drury is regarded as one of the best anchors in the business and finance related TV shows and was admired by her colleagues for her great work. Amanda Drury was a finalist in Asian Television Awards in the category of Best News Presenter in 2007 and 2008. She was one of the important people for not only CNBC but also other national and international conference related to finance and business. Her great knowledge in the field of finance was so reliable source for many other TV shows too.

Amanda Drury is a perfect example of beauty with brain. She is not only an intellectual person but also has very charming personality along with the attractive body. She has not allowed taking her body measurements but she appears to be 5 feet 5 inches tall.

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