Anthony Jeselnik stand up comedy can surely be characterized as dark. Apart from being a comedian, he is also an actor, producer, host, podcast personality and writer of American nationality whose dark comedy style has managed to win a lot of hearts. His arrogant demeanor and biting insults are what make him even more popular amongst his fans. he has been actively involved int eh comedy sector ever since 2003 and all of these years in front of the television have made him extremely well liked and respected around the world. Notably known for his work in Comedy Central Roast and Jeselnik Offensive, he surely is someone worth noticing and following on social media networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.


Anthony Jeselnik was born on the 22nd of December, 1978. Anthony Jeselnik age as of now is a mere 37 years. He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States of America. His parents are Stephanie and Anthony Jeselnik. His name and surname arise from Slovenia and he was raised in Upper St. Clair.

Education and Early Life

Anthony Jeselnik was educated at the Upper St. Clair High School as a child. He graduated from the school in the year 1997. After this, he moved on to earn a bachelor’s degree in English literature in the year 2001 from the Tulane University. On his senior year, his girlfriend accidentally burned down his apartment and he used this to his benefit as a comedy act. He moved on to Los Angeles in the early twenties.


Anthony Jeselnik stand up comedy career started off with Borders. He started off doing the impersonation of his father which was not received well. Later, Anthony Jeselnik stand up career moved into another direction when he used dark comedy to make audiences laugh. This was a lightbulb moment for him and he started focusing more on that area.

Anthony Jeselnik stand up comedy career started off with his special on Comedy Central Presents. He eas named as one of the breakout comedians of Comedy Central Presents on that year. He then was hired as a writer for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He recorded his debut album named Shakespeare which led him to start writing for Comedy Central Roasts. He also hosted his own series on the Comedy Central called as The Jeselnik Offensive.

Apart from his prominent work on the shows mentioned above, Anthony Jeselnik has also appeared in Just for Laughs as himself in an episode. He also appeared in the Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump in the year 2011 and has appeared in the same year in John Oliver’s New York Stand-up-Show. His most recent endeavors include being the host of the show named Last Comic Standing, of which he has been a part since the past 8 episodes. Apart from this, Anthony Jeselnik stand up special named Anthony Jeselnik: Though star and Prayers were released on 2015 as well.

Personal Life and Marriage

Anthony Jeselnik married life is empty. It has been known that he has never been married and certainly does not have the intention of doing so anytime soon. He has never even been known to have been engaged in the 37 years of his life. He seems to be extremely secretive about his personal life, only using comedy at times to illustrate what being Anthony Jeselnik is like.

It has been said that his girlfriend burned down his apartment when he was in senior high in the school. He has revealed this detail to his audiences, but never revealed who his girlfriend at the time was. As far as notable personalities are to be taken into consideration, Anthony Jeselnik has had a girlfriend of the celebrity arena in the past. She is none other than Amy Schumer.

Anthony Jeselnik girlfriend Amy Schumer dated him for the duration of three years. The relationship, which started off well on 2009, abruptly came to an end on 2012. The break-up seems to have affected Anthony Jeselnik vastly as he is now single.

Net Worth and Facts

Known for his dark comedy, Anthony Jeselnik net worth has risen over the years because for eh love and support he has been constantly gaining from his fans around the world. Anthony Jeselnik net worth is an estimated 1 million dollars and it is on the rise as of now. Anthony Jeselnik net worth has been accumulated, not only because of his appearances on the television, but also for his work in several endorsements and appearances in advertisements.

Anthony Jeselnik has been nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Program. He was nominated for the award, for his writing of Night of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Concert for Autism Education.

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