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Barry Melrose is a prominent Canadian-American broadcaster and former professional ice hockey player and head coach. Barry Melrose’s wiki page shows that he has played in the World Hockey Association and National Hockey League. Barry is not only known for his on field work but also for his broadcast career in ESPN and NHL network. Barry Melrose’s net worth has also been boosted from his work as a coach of the Medicine Hat Tigers of the WHL, Seattle Thunderbirds, Adirondack Red Wings, NHL’s Los Angeles Kings, and Tampa Bay Lightning.  The information of the very talented and renowned, Barry Melrose is widely searched about by his fans throughout the social networking sites.


Barry James Melrose was born July 15, 1956 in Kelvington, Saskatchewan,Canada to his parents Norrie and James Melrose. He is of Canadian as well as American nationality and white ethnicity. Barry’s cousin Wendel Clark and Joe Kocur are former NHL Players. His has a family with many members affiliated to the athletic field. Barry was very interested in playing ice hockey since he was a small kid.

Career and path

Barry began playing hockey in 1974. He played for WCHL with the Kamloops Chiefs as a defenseman. Barry played for Chiefs for two long years before being drafted 37th in 1976’s WHA Draft by Cincinnati Stingers. He played the WHA with Stingers. According to Barry Melrose’s wiki, he was drafted 36th in the 1976 NHL Draft by Montreal Canadians. Soon after leaving the Stingers in 1979, Barry began playing th 1979-80 season with Winnipeg Jets. He is also noted to have played for Toronto Maple Leafs and the Detroit Red Wings. Barry shot from the left and played the defense position. According to Barry Melrose’s stats, he played 300 games scoring 10 goals. He gave 23 assists. Barry is also known to have played seven games for Toronto Maple Leafs. While playing for them, Barry gave two assists.  Barry Melrose’s stats are pretty good. Barry has had an exceptional career as an ice hockey player.

Soon after his retirement, Barry went on to become the coach of WHL’s Medicine Hat Tigers. He led them to earn a Memorial cup title. He then began coaching Seattle Thunderbirds. He is also noted to have coached Adirondack Red Wings for three years and led them to win a Calder Cup. Barry then coached NHL’s Los Angeles Kings and led them to the semi finale of the 1993 Stanley Cup Final. Melrose then coached Tampa Bay Lightning. Barry Melrose has also been noted for his work in journnalsim. He joined ESPN in 1996 and worked as a commentator and NHL analyst. He is known to hav worked for ESPN for 13 years. Barry left ESPN briefly for his coaching career. However, he soon returned to give a stint of the Winter Classic. He then joined NHL Network in September 2011. He works as a contributor in NHL Network. Barry Melrose has been credited for his brief movie and television roles. He has been seen in the 5th season of Spin City in an episode. Melrose has also appeared on the movie Slap Shot 2: Breaking the Ice.  Barry has been credited for appearing in Mystery, Alaska. He has also been featured in Tony Robbins infomercials. Barry Melrose has been doing great in his television career even at this age.

Personal life

Barry Melrose’s wife is Cindy Melrose. Barry Melrose’s wiki page shows that he married to his wife Cindy in 1978. The couple has been together since. Together, the couple has two sons named Tyrell and Adrien Melrose. There have been no disputes or rumors of extra marital affairs till date. Both his sons are fully grown and are doing well in their field of work. Barry Melrose’s wife and kids currently reside with him in Glens Falls, New York.

Net worth, achievements, and social involvement

Barry Melrose is currently 60 years old. Even at this age, Melrose is as active as he was while playing ice hockey in the 1970’s. He stands tall at the height of 1.82m. Barry weighs 93 kgs. Barry Melrose’s net worth is known to be $ 16 million. According to Barry Melrose’s wiki page, his net worth has been accumulated from his work as a hockey player, a coach. Barry Melrose’s net worth has been accumulated mostly from his huge salary coming from his service in ESPN. He has also been getting both name and fame from his work in television shows on ESPN as well as NHL Network. Barry is hugely respected and recognized for his years of ice hockey plying, coaching and now also sports casting. Barry Melrose’s wiki page consists details about his wife, his stats, salary and more. The biography of the very talented and respected, Barry Melrose can be found on various social media sites like Wikipedia, Twitter, and more.


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