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Bob Schieffer CBS relation is the highlight of Bob Schieffer career. Bob Schieffer CBS relation was more than 4 decades old. Bob Schieffer has a legacy of about 45 years experience in the field of journalism.


Bob Schieffer is an American journalist who gained most of his fame and popularity due to Bob Schieffer CBS relationship. During Bob Schieffer CBS contract of more than 40 years, Schieffer was not only a weekend anchor but also the host of general public affair TV show, Face The Nation. This multiple Emmy award winner retired from journalism in May 2015.


Bob Schieffer was born in Austin, Texas on February 25, 1937. This makes Bob Schieffer age 80 years. Bob Schieffer is American and is of white ethnicity.

Early Life and Education

Schieffer spent her early life in Fort Worth in Texas. His father was software engineer whereas his mother worked in telecommunication office. Schieffer was born in the family as second children with other 4 siblings. Schieffer lived with his grandmother when his parents got divorced.

Bob Schieffer completed his schooling education at North Side High School. Later, he completed his higher education in Texas Christain University. Bob Schieffer completed his B.A in journalism and English in 1959. Then during his university education, he became a member of the Reserve Officer Training Corps.

Career and Net Worth

Bob Schieffer age was 20 years when he started working as radio station host in KXOL which is Fort Worth-based radio station in 1957. Bob Schieffer served the Air Force, for next three years. After his service in the force, he returned to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. His call reporting with Lee Harvey Oswald’s mother after the assassination of John F. Kennedy was the highlight during his time in Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Later in 1965, Bob Schieffer reported from Vietnam as the first journalist from A Texas Newspaper Company. Bob Schieffer finally commenced his career in TV journalism in 1967 as a TV anchor at WBAP-TV

In 1969, Bob Schieffer CBS relation was developed where Schieffer career was flourished. During 1970 to 1974 Bob Schieffer served from Pentagon. Then for next five years of Bob Schieffer CBS agreement, Schieffer was assigned as the White House correspondent. Bob Schieffer was promoted to Chief Correspondent for White House in 1982 after which he served two duties of an anchor and Chief Correspondent. During Bob Schieffer CBS engagement, the veteran TV journalist hosted many popular TV shows which made him popular in the journalism profession. Bob Schieffer became most famous for this job as moderator in one of his renowned TV show Face The Nation. The show came in air for the first time in 1991 and was called off in May 2015. In addition to that, Bob Schieffer anchored CBS Sunday Night News from 1972 to 1974. For more than two decades, from 1973 to 1996, Schieffer contributed in another popular TV interview show, 60 Minutes. CBS Evening News anchoring is also another noteworthy work. The Bob Schieffer CBS relation of more than 4 decades finally ended in 2015 after his last episode of Face The Nation.

Bob Schieffer on Trump remarks is popular remarks during the presidential campaign 2016 where he criticized Trump many times. Bob Schieffer on Trump once said,” Trump’s language, not boys being boys but pigs being pigs”. Bob Schieffer had made more remarks on Trump after that comment too.

Bob Schieffer net worth is significantly high thanks to his hard work in journalism for more than four decades. Bob Schieffer net worth is estimated to be about $10 million Dollars. Since he is a retired man, Bob Schieffer net worth won’t be increasing in future.

Personal Life and Spouse

Bob Schieffer is a married man. He got married to Patricia Penrose in1967. The couple has two daughters with each other. Bob Schieffer’s older brother is Tom Schieffer who was a business partner with former US President George Bush and also US ambassador to Australia and Japan.

Bob Schieffer was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2003. The cancer was detected when it was at grade iii and was cured after a year of its detection in 2004. He is also from type 2 diabetes.

His amazing and down to earth personality has made Bob Schieffer career a successful one. His height is 5 feet and 10 inches.

Awards and Recognitions

Bob Schieffer is an inspiring personality in the field of journalism. He was awarded eight Emmy awards during his entire career. In addition, he was awarded the Paul White Award by the TV News Directors Association. Cronkite School of Journalism honored Schieffer with the Walter CCronkite Award. The Library of Congress named him a living legend in 2008. Likewise, he was applauded with membership into the National Academy of Arts and Science Hall of Fame. Furthermore, TSU named its college of Communication into the Schieffer College of Communication.


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