Carol Vorderman is a media personality who has made her name in the British media, for her hosting skills showcased on the popular game show Countdown. Carol Vorderman age currently is 55 and it is amazing to state that Carol Vorderman Countdown career has spanned over the time of 26 years in total. She has held the position of the host of the game show from 1982 to 2008.


Carol Vorderman was born on the 24th of December, 1960. Her hometown is in Bedford, Bedfordshire in England. Her nationality is British and she is a personality of white ethnicity. Her father is named Anton Vorderman while her mother Edwina Jean was a Welsh woman. The separation of her parents was done three weeks after her birth.

Early Life

Carol Vorderman grew up in North Wales in Prestatyn. She did not get a chance to see her father until she was 42 years of age. She has enrolled in the Blessed Edward Jones High School for her education and she was then enrolled in the University of Cambridge for her future education. She studied the course of engineering at the Sidney Sussex College and graduated with a third-class honors degree.


Carol Vorderman career started off after she found work as a junior civil engineer in Wales as well as a graduate management trainee in Leeds. She also spent time as a backup singer before finding work in Countdown. After her mother spotted a newspaper advertisement, for a woman with good mathematical skills to appear on a quiz show, she applied and got selected for it. Carol Vorderman age was 21 when she got the job of being the co-host of the show Countdown. Her career in Countdown that started off on 1982 came to an end only on 2008.

Carol Vorderman presenting career also includes being the anchorwoman for the ITV show Loose Women. She departed from the show on 2014. She has also been the presenter of Prie of Britain Awards and was a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing on 2001. She was the second to be eliminated.

Personal Life and Marriage

Carol Vorderman age was 24 when she first got married.  Carol Vorderman husband was Christopher Mather. He was an officer of the Royal Navy and was also a national Rugby player initially. The marriage managed to last only for a year and the couple decided to part ways soon.

Carol Vorderman then got married to Patrick King. Carol Vorderman Countdown career was on its heights when she did so. She got married to the management consultant King in the year 1990. Carol Vorderman age at the time was 29. She had two children named Katie and Cameron with him. The couple, however, separated after a divorce on the year 200.

Carol Vorderman boyfriend became the PR Consultant and columnist Des Kelly ob 1999. They hit off after meeting at a Christmas Party. They started living together and after a duration of five years, the couple finally separated without a marriage in the year 2006 in December. The split was announced to be amicable.

As of now, Carol Vorderman lives with her mother and her two children. Her best friend Mandy also lives with her. She has lived with her mother all her life and loved her mother very much. She was raised by a single mother and this is particularly why she never leaves the side of her mother through thick and thin.

Net Worth and Facts

The extremely talented as well as the very well search about personality, Carol Vorderman made her name for being the host of Countdown for a whopping 26 years. Carol Vorderman Countdown career is what has risen her to heightened fame and led her to earn a huge amount of money. It has been known that Carol Vorderman as of now is a whopping 22 million American dollars as of now. Carol Vorderman net worth has been accumulated because of her undying amiable personality and skills showcased on screen. She is a well-liked and respected woman whose social media networking profiles have been avidly search by all of her fans on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Carol Vorderman hs been extremely famous for her hosting skills and has hosted a huge number of shows and events over the years. Needless to state, she has a huge number of followers on social networking sites. She is the honored Member of the Order of the British Empire for her served in the broadcasting arena. She has also been the Fellow of Bangor University and has been voted the UK Female Rear of the Year Award. On 2014, she was awarded the same title and became the first celebrity to win both the awards.

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