Jan Crawford career

Jan Crawford career has made him one of the successful journalists working in legal affairs. Jan Crawford is not only a well-recognized TV journalist but also is well known for her writing skills. If we look at Jan Crawford career, she got most of her success and popularity during her job in CBS. Besides that, she is also the author of a bestselling book.


Jan Crawford is one of the well-known figures in the field of American journalism. Jan Crawford is one of the major correspondents for CBS who covers political and legal news all over the USA. She has been part of many popular TV programs like Face the Nation, CBS This Morning, CBS This Evening and so on. Prior to working for CBS, Jan Crawford also was in CNS News. Jan Crawford fans not only follow her in the news channel but also on her social accounts like twitter and facebook too.


Jan Crawford was born in Alabama in 1965. This makes Jan Crawford age 52 years. There is not exact birthday available of the veteran journalist. Jan Crawford was raised in the rural part of Alabama. Jan Crawford was born to an American family and she is of white ethnicity.

Early Life and Education

Jan Crawford spent her early days in Alabama. She completed her high school education from Brewer High School. She got admission in the University of Alabama. She completed her degree in 1987 from that university. Jan Crawford wanted her career to be in law. So she joined University of Chicago Law School. From there, she graduated in 1993.

Career and Net Worth

Jan Crawford career began as a reporter in Chicago Tribune in 1987. Jan Crawford did some exceptional work in Chicago Tribune covering many important stories related to legal affairs. Her hard work and dedication was appreciated and was placed in Supreme Court beat in 1994. While Jan Crawford career in Chicago Tribune she got an opportunity to talk to many big and popular personalities in the justice department. Jan Crawford career’s early interviews were with the likes of chief justice Roberts. Justice Robert talked about his point of view of law and order and other topics during his office time. Jan Crawford career evolved quite nicely during her time in Chicago Tribune.

Jan Crawford career shifted to The NewsHour after Chicago Tribune. In The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, she contributed the show with analysis on legal affairs. Jan Crawford career developed more when she started working for CBS. A short time from 2005 to 2006 of Jan Crawford career was spent in PBS. She covered the story of Supreme Court confirmation when she was on PBS.

Jan Crawford CBS relation finally grew in 2007. Jan Crawford CBS contract got her career in the limelight. Jan Crawford is part of many important TV programs of CBS. First work after she was hired by CBS was as Supreme Court analyst in one of the popular CCBS program Face the Nation. In addition, Jan Crawford also worked in ABC news channel as a senior legal correspondent. She made her way from ABC in 2010. Jan Crawford supreme court relation was quite famous during her entire career. Jan Crawford supreme court was developed during her entire career since she was Supreme Court analyst for all the News channels she worked for. Jan Crawford is still working for CBS News as its political correspondent and chief legal correspondent. She has been impeccable in her work in CBS in the present time.

In addition to her career in journalism, Jan Crawford was also a blogger too. She began her blog writing namely ‘Legalities’. Likewise, she has note noteworthy work in book writing. She is a bestselling author of Supreme Conflict: The Inside Story of the Struggle for Control of the United States Supreme Court New York. The book was released in 2007.

Jan Crawford net worth exact figure is not clear. But Jan Crawford net worth is expected to be high since she gets a fat salary for her hard work in CBS.

Personal Life and Spouse

Jan Crawford is a married woman. She got married to Doug Greenburg in 1994 after getting engaged in 1993. Her husband is also a lawyer too. Together, they have 4 children. They have a happy family. There is no news of conflict between them. So there is not much chance of divorce between them.

Awards and Recognition

Jan Crawford is awarded many honors for her exceptional work in the field of journalism. While Jan Crawford was awarded Tribune’s top reporting award while she was in Chicago Tribune. She is highly admired for her exceptional work in the field of journalism.

Jan Crawford is also popular in many social media networks. She posts her content of work on her twitter account frequently. Although Jan Crawford age is 52, she still looks very young with a beautiful body and charming personality.



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