Jane Pauley net worth

Jane Pauley net worth is huge, and so are the endeavors she has carried out in the journalism fraternity over the past years. She is a successful television journalist and anchor known best for anchoring in CBS Sunday morning as well as on the Today program on the NNBC.


Jane Pauley is a native of Indianapolis. At the age of 66, Jane Pauley has carried out a huge number of endeavors as a successful journalist and has also been documented for being pretty open about her struggle with bipolar disorder. She is a journalist, news reporter, news anchor and television host whose endeavors on screen are many and varied.


Jane Pauley was born on the 31st of October, 1950. Her age as of now is 66 years. She was born in Indianapolis, Indiana to parents Richard and Mary Pauley.

Early Life and Education

Jane Pauley was educated at the Warren Central High School from which she graduated on the year 1968. She then attended the Indiana University and majored in political science while there. She graduated from her college on the year 1972.

Career and Net Worth

Jane Pauley net worth is huge, as she started work in journalism as soon as she completed her studies. She landed a job as a reporter for the CBS affiliate named WISH-TV. She worked on the television for three years before joining the WMAQ-TV to become the first woman co-anchor. She was chosen to replace Barbara Walters on the Today show and this has to bent e major reason why Jane Pauley net worth got a chance to increase a lot.

Jane Pauley started her career on the Today show and the show ran its course from 1976 to 1989. She has also been the host of the Sunday edition of NBC Nightly News. She did the same from 1980 to 1982.

She has also co-hosted the 42nd Primetime Emmy Awards and has also served as the substitute anchor for NBC nightly News. NBC launched Dateline in the year 1992 and she got a chance to be the co-anchor of the same from 1992 to 2003. Additionally, she was also the anchor of the show Time and Again on the MSNBC.

Jane Pauley net worth and her fame raised more after she got a chance to be a part of The Jane Pauley show on the NBC. It was canceled after a season. She returned to Today in the year 2009, as a contributor. She has also written two New York Times bestsellers.

Jane Pauley CBS career started off on the year 2014. She started off as a correspondent for CBS Sunday Morning and is now also a guest host on CBS This Morning. Jane Pauley CBS career also involves being the host of CBS Sunday morning since 2015, September. Jane Pauley net worth is a whopping 15 million dollars for all the endeavors she has carried out on screen and she is surely set to become even more successful with her fans in the time to come.

Personal Life and Spouse

Jane Pauley has been pretty open about her personal life and this fact makes her an even better-liked personality. Her spouse is cartoonist Garry Trudeau. He is the creator of Doonesbury. The wedding of the couple took place in the year 1980 on the 14th of June.

The beautiful and the long lasting marriage have resulted in three children. From Jane Pauley children, she and her husband Garry are the grandparents of two grandchildren. Jane Pauley children do not live with her.

Jane Pauley has prominently been known also for being affiliated with several charities. She has been known for accepting her problems with her bipolar disorder and for using the knowledge of the same, in the betterment of individuals dealing with it.

Awards, achievements, and Recognition

While Jane Pauley is the recipient for a number of awards for her work in journalism, she is also known for being open about her struggles with her bipolar disorder. She has a pretty famous Twitter account and she uses it to declare information and facts about her struggle with the problems related to bipolar disorder.

Jane Pauley haircut and her sense of style are other recognizable and well-known factors about the beauty. Jane Pauley haircut keeps changing from time to time and makes her fans follow her sense of style avidly.

She is the recipient of multiple Emmy Awards as well as the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism. Other accolades of this personality include being the recipient of the Radio and Television News Directors Association’s Paul White Award and the Edward R. Murrow Award. She is also the recipient of the Gracie Allen Awards, international Matrix Award and the National alliance on Mental Illness Award. Jane Pauley net worth is huge as she has done a lot for the journalism sector, and has been pretty successful in all of her endeavors.

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