John Stossel cancer was diagnosed on April 2016.He had lung cancer. His continuous work in journalism for over decades has made him one of the respected personalities in the field of journalism.


John Stossel is one of the popular personalities in the field of journalism. He has gained fame because of admirable work in his work as TV host in Good Morning America, 20/20 and Stossel.


American Journalist, an author, columnist and a successful and popular television host, John Stossel was born on 6th of March 1947 in Chicago.

Early Life and Education

White in ethnicity, he was born in Jewish family as a second child and the youngest one. He earned his degree in B.A in psychology from Princeton University in 1969.

Career and Net Worth

Right after his completion of the degree, he joined KGW TV in Portland as a researcher. Later he was promoted to a reporter for WCBS TV located in New York City. Prior to working as a correspondent in 1981 for 20/20, he was hired as consumer editor in ABC’s Good morning America. He was also hit by David Schultz, a pro wrestler during an interview in 20/20 in 1984 in which the wrestler was asked if pro wrestling was fake. But he continued asking blunt and straight forward questions to everyone who came on his show. Stossel wrote his own series of a book: “Give Me a Break” in which in his own words “exposed hucksters, cheats, and scam artists and became the scourge of the Liberal Media”. He has raised many political, criminal and social issues in his books and has slammed the cons. Besides Give Me a Break, No, They Can’t: Why Government Fails – But Individual Succeed, John Stossel’s Shopping smart are his admirable works too.

After John Stossel Fox News contracts were made, John Stossel show was introduced namely “Stossel” which was broadcasted weekly on Fridays. During 7  years of  John Stossel’s Show, Stossel he debated about different controversial issues like same-sex marriage, drugs, prostitution and other social issues. He called it a day from his show “Stossel” when the Stossel’s last show was broadcasted in 2016 December 16 after over 300 episodes.

During his career of more than 4 decades in journalism, he gained so much fame and love from his audiences. His dedication to his work made him one of the most successful TV journalists in America. His good sense of humor and down to earth nature made him even more lovable personality in TV. At the present time, he has gained everything a journalist would dream of. Not only he is popular and successful but he also has a big net worth. Besides making money from his main job of journalism, he also made a huge amount of earning from his books like Give Me a Break, Myth, Lies, and Downright Stupidity, No, They Can’t: Why Government Fails-But Individuals Succeed, and John Stossel’s Shopping Smart. So according to some sources, the John Stossel net worth is about 4 million American dollars. He has two luxurious houses which are located in Massachusetts and New York.

Fight with Cancer

John Stossel was also diagnosed with lung cancer in April 2016.John Stossel cancer treatment was started the same month of that year. According to Stossel, doctors found a malignant swelling in his lungs. John Stossel cancer was treated in New York where his 20% of a lung was removed. John Stossel cancer was cured without any radiation and chemotherapy and he said he was “90%” recovered. He gave credit of the cancer cure to his wife who was always extremely worried about his health even he had a minor illness. It was his wife who pushed Stossel for the cheap up before John Stossel cancer was diagnosed. Additionally, Stossel also admired the medical support he got in the hospital during the cancer treatment.Stossel, while writing for The Times; he opened up about the phase of his treatment. According to Stossel, the treatment was a difficult experience but brought a good result. After the recovery he made his comeback on his show,” Stossel” focusing on hospitals and how facilities can be improved in them.


Personal Life and Spouse

Besides a successful career, he also has a sound personal life. Stossel is married to Ellen Abrams who was his girlfriend in past. They dated each other in past and married after some time after they started dating. He has a son and a daughter Max and Lauren respectively. No extramarital affairs were links with John Stossel, so it can be assumed that he does not have any girlfriend. So the chances of the divorce between him and his wife are almost none. He comes across as a person who is very near to his all family members since no news of any clash between the family members was heard. It is also clear that he is not homosexual because his married life is going quite well and he has two children.

Awards and Recognition

For his great and admirable work in 20/20, he was awarded News and Documentary Emmy Awards in 1987.He got this award in Outstanding Coverage of a Continuing News Story-segment. In addition to that, he has also grabbed George Polk and Peabody Awards along with National Press Club Awards.


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