Kari Byron Mythbusters

Kari Byron Mythbusters career has made her extremely famous amongst her fans around the world. She is a television host and artist of American nationality who has been featured in the Mythbusters show on the Discovery Channel. She has also appeared in White Rabbit Project on Netflix. She is a native of California and with her skills, expertise, and pretty looking appearance has managed to win the hearts of a huge number of fans from around the world. She is also someone who has constantly been active on social networking sites and has a huge number of followers.


Kari Byron was born on the 18th of December, 1974. She was born in California.

Early Life and Education

For her primary education, Kari Byron was enrolled in the Los Gatos High School. She graduated from the high school before studying Bachelor of Arts on film and sculpture and graduating in the same in May 1998 from the San Francisco State University. She later spent her time backpacking around South Asia and got enrolled in a number of art projects before finally starting her career.


Kari Byron Mythbusters career has made her extremely famous amongst the fans. She was the cast member of the show from the 2nd Season to the 12th Season of the show. She and other members Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara formed The Build Team and tested the possibility of various myths in the tenure of the show. All of the hosts had their own segments as well.

In a desire to get hired by his company, Kari Byron persistently showed up at Hyneman’s M5 Industries and this is how she got the work of being a cast member of the hit show. She was replaced temporality by Jessi Combs during her maternity leave on Mythbusters. Kari Byron Mythbusters career came to an end after the end of the 12th season of the show.


Kari Byron career also includes being the host of her own show called Head Rush which is showcased on the Science Channel. She has also hosted Large, Dangerous Rocket Ships and has appeared in the Discovery Series Sons of Guns too.

Kari Byron has also hosted the coverage of Pumpkin Chunkin on the Science Channel from 2011 to 2014 and has hosted thrill Factor with Byron on 2015. She has also been the host of the Netflix production of White Rabbit Project, a show which focuses on the unusual aspects of pop culture and history.

Kari Byron has also been indulged greatly in art and sculpting is an important aspect of her life too. She uses polymer clay, wood, metals and acrylic gouache to make her creations. This presentable and talented personality is surely an art geek worth following.

Personal Life and marriage

Kari Byron is one of the few celebrities who has a pretty good married life going on. She got married to artist Paul Urich after some tom of dating; the wedding ceremony took place on the year 2006 in March. The relationship which started almost a decade ago has still been going strong with no signs of an imminent split. The couple has a daughter named together. Kari Byron child Stella was born on the 28th of June, 2009.

Kari Byron Kari Her Husband

Kari Byron Kari Her Husband

Kari Byron child and husband live together with her, happily as a couple now. The relationship between them seems to be getting along pretty strongly, with no signs of an imminent split.

Apart from her married life details, it has also been known that she has been an atheist since childhood. She has also described herself as a vegetarian in order to decline to have to explain the meaning of being a pescetarian. She is a pescetarian and has been seen to be visibly uncomfortable when experiments in MythBusters have required the use of animal remains. She has also been known to eat fish and is afraid of germs as well. She eats a limited diet reportedly.

Net worth and Facts

The beautiful Kari Byron has attained a lot of name and fame in the past few years and Kari Byron net worth is also certainly very high. Kari Byron Mythbusters career has led her to this much of name and fame. Kari Byron Mythbusters career, which started off with her as a cast member on Season 2 to Season 12, has led Kari Byron net worth to be a whopping 1.5 million dollars. With her taking part and being a part of several other endeavors, she has a high chance of attaining more net worth in the time to come.

Kari Byron twitter account is very active too. She is actively involved in collaborating with her fans through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Kari Byron twitter account has been followed by a huge number of her fans around the world.


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