Laura Govan net worth is a great amount, and so is her fame in the fraternity of entertainment. A reality television personality, she has been known for being the star of the reality television show Basketball Wives: LA. Also known for her shows like Dream of Nene: The Wedding, Govan has risen to fame for being the girlfriend of the hit basketball player Gilbert Arenas.

Laura Govan was born on the 21st of September, 1979. She was born in Oakland and that makes Laura Govan age 37 years as of now.
Childhood and career
It has been known that Laura Govan suffered a dreadful car accident when she was a child at the age of 7. This led her to slip into a 3 month coma. As far as her educational status is to be taken into consideration, it has been known that she is a graduate of the Mexico State University. She was an athlete ever since she was a child and played basketball, baseball, and soccer. She was good at basketball and was hence offered the job of being the head coach of the Santa Carla University.
Laura Govan career started off after she was the PR for the Sacramento Kings as well as the Los Angeles Lakers. She was also the assistant to the basketball player Shaq before she started dating Arenas. As a reality television star, she has appeared on the reality shows including the likes of Basketball Wives as well as Dream of Nene: The Wedding.
Personal Life and dating
Laura Govan has been known for being the ex-fiancé of the very successful Gilbert Arenas. The couple has had a on and off relationship with each other over the past few years and it has been documented well by the news tabloids over the years. The relationship of the couple seems to have finally come to an end now. The couple never got married but had a divorce settlement. Laura Govan net worth has risen also because of the divorce settlement she got from Arenas. Laura Govan kids with Arenas are named Aloni, Hamiley, Alijah Amani and Izela Samaya.
Net Worth and Facts
Laura Govan net worth is a whopping 10 million dollars. Laura Govan net worth has been accumulated, basically because of her divorce settlement from Arenas. The couple’s battles have been documented on the news tabloids and they are surely set to make news every time some problem arises between them.

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