Lauren Scruggs wedding

Lauren Scruggs wedding with the handsome and talented Jason Kennedy has turned a lot of heads and has made this couple the talk of the town. Apart from that, this beauty is known for being a fashion journalist and blogger.


Lauren Scruggs rose to fame after she walked into the spinning propeller of an airplane. Lauren Scruggs left eye was lost after the accident and her also severely injured her left hand. As of now, Lauren Scruggs wedding is what has made her rise high into the heights of fame.


Lauren Scruggs was born on the 18th of July, 1988.

Early Life, Career, and Net Worth

Lauren Scruggs has made herself known all over the world for being a well-known fashion journalist and blogger. She rose to fame, not only after showcasing her beautiful skills as a fashion journalist and has a good blogger but also as the wife of the famous Jason Kennedy.

Lauren Scruggs eye led her to become extremely well known amongst her fans. she was involved in an accident whereby she exited a plane in the dark in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. She walked into the spinning propeller of the plane and severed her left hand.

Lauren Scruggs eye was lost during the accident but she has never stopped being the talented personality that she is. She made her public appearance after the incident when she was called upon to be interviewed on the Today Show on the NBC.

Lauren Scruggs net worth has risen greatly over the years. It seems that with all the continued endeavors of this beauty, Lauren Scruggs net worth of 1 million dollars is set to rise more in the days to come.

Personal Life and Spouse

Lauren Scruggs wedding to Jason Kennedy has won a lot of fame and name. Lauren Scruggs became Lauren Scruggs Kennedy in the year 2014. Lauren Scruggs wedding with her beau took place on the 12th of December after they had been engaged from the 30th of May, 2014. Lauren Scruggs wedding was designed by Rodd Events and was an extravagant affair. Lauren Scruggs and her husband seem to be getting along well, with no possibilities of an imminent split.

Awards, Achievements, and Recognition

Lauren Scruggs is recognized greatly for having the courage to come out of her personal problems and accident and lead her normal life. She is avidly followed on social media outlets and has gained a lot of fame for speaking out the horror of her incident to her fans clearly.

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