Louis Carl Dobbs, known better as Lou Dobbs is a television personality, host and anchor of American nationality that has been known extensively for his work on Fox Business Network and Lou Dobbs net worth has raised considerably over the years because of his continued endeavors as a successful anchor respected and followed by many. He has been the anchor of shows like Lou Dobbs Tonight and has also been calling himself an independent populist.


Lou Dobbs was born on the 24th of September, 1945. Lou Dobbs age as of now is 71 years. He was born in Childress County in Texas. His parents are Frank Dobbs and Lydia Mae who were businessman and bookkeeper respectively.

Childhood and education

Lou Dobbs was educated at the Minico High School as a child. He played football while in school. He was accepted to study at the University of Idaho but later applied to the Harvard University from which he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics in the year 1967.


Lou Dobbs career started off after he was the cash management specialist for the Union Bank of California. After this, he became the reporter for the KBLU and was next to the television anchor for the Phoenix. He later joined the KING-TV in Seattle. After this, he joined the CNN in the year 1980, as soon as it launched. He served as the chief economics correspondent and the host of Moneyline. After this, he also served as a corporate executive. He was the founder of CNN-fn and severed as its president.

Lou Dobbs left CNN on 1999 to start off the Sapce.com. The website was the one which was devoted to the coverage of astronomical news. He was replaced in the show Moneyline by Willow Bay and Stuart Varney. On 2000, he returned to CNN and started off his very own show called Lou Dobbs Reporting. Lou Dobbs net worth has grown particularly because of his work in the CNN. He ended a thirty-year career at the network on 2009. From 2009 to the year 2012, he was the host of the Lou Dobbs Radio on the United Stations Radio Network and his work there led him to be a part of the Business Talk Network in the 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. slot.

Also a columnist for the Money magazine, New York Daily News as well as U.S. News and World Report, he is currently doing a show named Lou Dobbs Tonight on the Fox Business Network. He started work there since the 10th of November 2010.


Personal Life

Lou Dobbs has been married twice. He was married first to his longtime girlfriend of high school. She is named Kathy Wheeler and she was together with him on his high school time in the Minico High. The one of the couples grew along for several years before he finally decided to get married to her in the year 1969. On the year 1970, the couple gave birth to their first son. On the year 1981, the relationship of the couple turned sour and they ended up in a divorce. After this, in the year 182, he got married to his present wife Debi Segura. Debi has been his spouse and his dutiful wife ever since 1982 and the relationship of the couple seem to be getting along pretty well with no signs of an imminent split.

Lou Dobbs has four children with his second wife. The couple resides in Wantage Township in New Jersey. By the help of a huge amount of Lou Dobbs net worth, they own a 300-acre horse farm where they happily reside as of now.

Net worth and Facts

While Lou Dobbs net worth has certainly grown over the years and is on the rise even now. however, it can certainly be said that he has had his share of controversies in the entertainment world as well. He has been accused of inciting xenophobia as well as Hispanophobia because of his strong political views as showcased on screen.

He has also been criticized greatly for his journalistic ethics at times. He has been associated with disreputable sources according to Amy Goodman. His endeavors and his thoughts have been dubbed as racist and defamatory.

Lou Dobbs net worth, however, has not stopped growing despite the huge number of controversies he has been involved in. Lou Dobbs age of 71 years does not stop him from being still actively involved in the journalism sector and he will surely continue his endeavors for a long time to come. Lou Dobbs net worth is a whopping 10 million dollars. This net worth has been accumulated for the endeavors he has carried out as an anchor and his contributions surely make him a capable personality to achieve this amount of net worth.

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