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An extremely good looking as well as a famous personality, Marilyn Denis had made name for herself in Canada as well as the world for her hosting and journalism skills as well as her interest in the food fraternity. Marilyn Denis son and her married life too has been the subject of constant scrutiny and interest to her fans all over the world.


Marilyn Denis was born on the 1st of July, 1958. Marilyn Denis age as of now is known to be 58 years and she was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Early Life and Education

The beautiful Marilyn grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She received a degree in radio, television, and advertising. She is a graduate of the University of Idaho. Soon after she completed her studies, she started her work in the media sector and Marilyn Denis career has been pretty well up until now.


Marilyn Denis career started off when she started working in a local radio station situated in Moscow, Idaho. She worked for the radio station and left it after she moved on to Calgary. In Calgary, she worked for the CJAY-FM as well as the CHFM. She has also been known to be a weather announcer as well as an entertainment reporter for CFCN-TV as well as the TSN.

After leaving her job there, Marilyn Denis career started off in CHUM-FM. She has been the co-host of the morning show named Roger, Rick and Marilyn on the FM since 1986. She has also been the host of the syndicated daytime talk show named Cityline from 1989 to 2008 and the show aired on Cityline as well as A-Channel.

She left Cityline after a whopping 19 years in other to work for the CTV Television Network. She has been the host of The Marilyn Denis Show on the CTV since 2011 and has been known extensively for her direct attitude and cheerful appearance on screen that has been so liked by all of her fans.

Personal Life

Marilyn Denis has been religiously married. She has never had a boyfriend history made public to her fans. She has never been known to have dated anyone from the journalism or the media sector as of now. However, it has been known that she was previously married.

The notoriously secretive personality, Marilyn Denis has never revealed anything about who her husband is. She likes to hide the internal facts about her personal life and it has only been known that she got married to her long-time boyfriend. Marilyn Denis son was born from her first husband. Her only son Adam, was born on 1988 in April. Marilyn Denis later got divorced with her husband and she has never been married since. Marilyn Denis son worked formerly with the Blake Carter at the Rogers Communications CKIS-FM in Toronto. Marilyn Denis son has also been indulged in the journalism sector since a very long time and seems to be successful in his field as well.

Net Worth and Facts

Marilyn Denis net worth is assumed to be a whopping 5 million dollars. Her work as a Canadian TV and radio host had led her to attain this huge amount of money. Her notable endeavors in the media have led her to attain a great amount of salary in the past few years, which has increased considerably for her to be attaining this amount of net worth. Marilyn Denis net worth of 5 million is surely set to increase with the increase in her endeavors. Marilyn Denis son is very close to her and she has been said to be extremely protective of him. It has been known that she is very close to him and lives with him.

Marilyn Denis is extremely interested in social and charity organizations. She has been involved with organizations which are related to women’s right. She has also been working as a motivational speaker for women. She has also been working on other social organizations as well.

Marilyn Denis has been the recipient of the Viewer’s choice Award at the Gemini Awards for her work in the journalism sector on the years 2005 and 2006. She obtained The Rosalie Award on 2006. She has also won the Gemini Award in the category of Best Host for her work in city line on the year 2007.

Marilyn Denis recipes in The Marilyn Denis Show have been showcased also on her personal site. She has her very own site which showcases all the recipes she gives out on screen. Her special cooking tips and recipes have been hugely popular with her fans around the world. Marilyn Denis recipes made it into eh hearts of Canadian and also people all around the world and she is surely set to earn more name and fame for the same in the years to come.

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