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Neil Strauss The game is one of the bestselling books of its genre. Neil Strauss is famous for his book about different psychological research he has done in the society. In his books, a reader can get different social hacks to impress people around them.


Famous by his pen name, Style, Neil Strauss is one the famous author in American literature. Neil Stress is not only an author but also a journalist and ghostwriter too. Neil Strauss The Game is the work which took him in the limelight. Today Neil Strauss is mostly known as a famous pickup artist and a dating advisor.


Neil Strauss was born in Chicago, Illinois, the United States on 9th March 1969. This makes him 47 years old. He is of the white ethnic group. Neil Strauss has two citizenship, American, and Kittitian.

Early Life and Education

Neil Strauss did his schooling in Latin School of Chicago. He graduated from the school in 1987. Then he got admitted to Vassar College and got transferred to Columbia University. He graduated from the university in 1991. He began his writing journey in his school with ‘Ear’. After that Strauss went to The Village Voice, where he was an editor and checker. Later, he was promoted to a regular reporter and critic.


Author and journalist Neil Strauss began his writing career in his early days in school. He started writing for a magazine, ‘Ear’ and edited his first book ‘Radiotext’. He was also a music critic at The New York Times many columns about music censorship, CD editing, and so on. He was also an important editor at ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine. Neil Strauss has written so many books like The Truth: An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships, Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life, Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead and so on. In addition to this, Neil Strauss has also appeared in many music videos of singers like Beck and Thirty Seconds to Mars.Besides that, he also appeared in one of the episodes of a 4th season of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The Game

Neil Strauss The Game is one of the best books he has written. Neil Strauss The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists where Strauss presented his experience in the seduction community. Neil Strauss The Game was listed in New York Times bestseller List when the book was released in September 2005 for two months. Neil Strauss The Game again gain a hype again when it was broadcasted in VH1.  Neil Strauss The game was presented as a TV series The Pickup Artist in 2007. The series was hosted by the mentor of Neil Strauss, Mystery. Neil Strauss The Game can be considered as an autobiography. Strauss started participating in different social gathering due to a frustrating romantic life.  He got involved in many romantic communities and attended in boot camps. He learned correct techniques for approaching women. In Neil Strauss The game, Strauss narrates his different phases to becoming a pickup artist. Neil Strauss provides various techniques for seducing women. He talked about preparing before meeting a lady and telling interesting stories to impress them.


Neil Strauss Emergency was published in 2009. Neil Strauss spent more than 3 years among tax-dodgers, businessmen, survivalists and government itself. Rolling Stone called this book as “Escape plan”. This book was on 3rd position in New York Times Bestseller List.

The Truth

Neil Strauss released a book in 2015 namely The Truth: An Uncomfortable Book About Relationship. Neil Strauss the truth was also New York Times Bestseller that year. Neil Strauss the truth claimed the 1st position as a bestselling book on 1st November 2015. In this book, Strauss has illustrated his attempts of maintaining a long-term relationship after a year in the seductive community.

Personal Life

Neil Strauss personal life is quite sound. Neil Strauss wife is Ingrid De La O. Neil Strauss wife; before marriage dated Neil for some time before they got married in 2013. The couple is having a happy and healthy marital relationship. There are no rumors about their conflict and disturbance in their relationship. They trust each other and having mutual understanding due to which there is not much chance to have divorced. Obviously, there is not news about extramarital affairs because of their strong relationship. Before the marriage, Neil Strauss was in a relationship with 3 other girls. His name was linked with Lisa Leveridge, Jackie Dawn, and Ghita Jones. The couple does not have any kids till now. Neil Strauss has an average height of 5 feet and 6 inches.

Neil Strauss wife is Ingrid De La O

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Awards and Recognition

Neil Strauss got placed in 1st ranking as top ten pick up artists in 2007.Neil Strauss won ASCAP Deems Taylor Award for his Rolling Stone due to his outstanding coverage of Curt Cobain’s suicide.


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