Rachel Perry Height, Net worth, Boyfriend or Married

Rachel Perry net worth

Rachel Perry was born on 20th January, 1976 in Brockville, Ontario. Perry is well known as a VJ, narrator and RJ who has done the shows related to porn, comedy and humor, celebrities world, music and lifestyle of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender. There are no any details found regarding her early life, family and education. Before being a popular face in the media, Perry had to struggle a lot and had worked as a horse stall cleaner, Gas station attendant, telemarketer, sign-maker, retail-officer, waitress and tooth model. Besides these, her hobbies are cooking, painting, reading, surfing the internet and online shopping. But today, Perry is very successful in her life and is a part of various shows like Much Music, Strip Search, Pepsi Smash, VH1 Top Countdown Web Junk 20 as narrator, the host of The stash on Playboy TV and has done many narrations and voiceovers for VH1 shows, specials and Viacom channels specials, including Viacom owned gay and lesbian station Logo. According to the data of 2015, Rachel Perry net worth is estimated around two million dollars.
Moving towards her physical appearances, Gorgeous Rachel Perry height is five feet and ten inches and has still managed to keep her body perfect and attractive at her 40s and of course her tattoo could not be missed. Perry has two tattoos in her body; one is a unique floral design on her lower back and another sketch of two sparrows diving towards her bikini line.
Rachel Perry boyfriend list is very long since her younger age. Her age was 25 years old when Perry started dating American soccer player Clint Mathis in the year 2002. Same year, Perry was also linked with DJ Ruckus. In the beginning of 2003, Perry dated DJ Iann Robinson and in the same year her relationship with musician Robbie Williams grew well in the season of May but had to split after dating for four months. In January 2004, Perry hooked up with VJ Damien Fahey but again sadly broke up in June 2004 after five months of their relationship. Next year in April 2005, there was a rumor about her love affair with actor Raviv Ullman. But next month in May 2005, Perry was seen with actor Nick Zano. They dated for around 15 month and got separated in August 2006. Though Perry was linked up with many celebrities but as on today the news of Rachel Perry married is still unknown among her fans and followers.
Perry has around 2778 followers in Twitter with more than 1275 tweets since August 2008. Similarly, there are approximately 667 followers of her in Instagram but her account is kept private. Her biography can be read in the popular site Wikipedia and IMDb. Some of her recent details can be found in various blogs and webpages. In the same way, her numerous videos are also uploaded in the video site YouTube.

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