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Sophie Garrett was born in the year 1994, June 2 in Canada. When it comes to internet and YouTube, there are thousands of people from all around the world who has done something remarkable. No matter how did they started, it takes lots of guts to prove yourself that you are worth it. In the new technology world, everyone is crazy about social networking sites while you just need some hardcore dedication and the fame is all yours. In the similar contrary, Sophie Garret is one of the sensational internet and YouTube celebrities who simply prove her worth by making videos by using only toys. Starting her channel in the year 2010 and coming to this far, she is taken as one of the influential factor for many people who want to do something and has lots of creativity with toys.

She has always been of shy nature, however the life hit her hard and it was good indeed. Having creative mind and extraordinary talent, she started making video of herself and her little brother back in 2008. Learning and enhancing her video editing knowledge, she finally released her first video in the year 2010 and the rest is history. The main purpose of her video making is to entertain her little brother. Now, we can simply say, Sophie little brother is kind of lucky for her.

Sophie Garrett Youtube career began from the year 2010 where she made the video just to entertain her brother with the help of Littlest Pet Shop (LPS) toys. With Sophie Garrett video, she now recall as the contributor of the Littlest Pet Shop series. And to our surprise, Sophie Garrett Youtube series is one of the most viewed series when it comes about LPS toys. Sophie Garrett youtube channel name is SophieGTV and from a longtime, she has made videos responding the comments from her fans.

Having very little information about her lifestyle and history, she is only 22 years old now. There is no doubt about her beautiful body structure. Being elegantly fragile and having hot body structure, she might come into Hollywood industry very soon and she will be good model if she started her career through modelling. Needing no fame, Sophie Garrett facebook has huge fan base who regularly encourage her to perform better. Similarly, we can get lots of ideas from Sophie Garrett facebook and her pictures in short dress is quite irresistible.

The 22 years old girl has been one of the hot topic in the internet these days, however there’s very little information available about her. Since, she is running on her early twenties, she is more focusing about her career and there is no news about Sophie Garrett boyfriend. With her young age, she has been staying pretty far away from marriage and unwanted pregnancy. Till now, she has not been associated with anyone nor has she been seen in public places with anyone. You can find more information about her including her height, weight and net worth in Sophie Garrett wiki sites like wikipedia and imdb.

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