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Steve Edwards net worth has increased considerably over the years, making him one of the most earning journalists of all time. His continued endeavors as a presentable personality who has worked hard to attain the interest and attention of fans around the world have led him to attain a huge number of fans and a huge amount of fame.


Steve Edwards is known best for his appearance on American television. This personality of American nationality has been the presenter of shows like AM Los Angeles as well as Two on the Town. He is also the presenter of Good Day L.A. and has also appeared in the highly syndicated program called Good Day Live. Steve Edwards age is already 68 but he has managed to upkeep his charm and personality on screen. He is a personality, who is also active on social networking sites and has amassed a huge number of fans over the past years.


Steve Edwards was born on the 23rd of August, 1948. This makes Steve Edwards age to be 68 years. He was born in New York City, New York.

Early Life and Education

For his education, Steve Edwards was enrolled in the University of Miami. After his work there, he started work at the University of Houston. He earned a degree in history from the former university while he earned the master’s degree in clinical psychology from the latter one.

Career and Net Worth

Steve Edwards net worth has increased considerably over the years. The main reason behind it is his never tiring effort and attitude on making the best out of situations and appearing as a perfect looking personality on screen.

Steve Edwards career started off shortly after his graduation from the university of Miami. He started off in the year 1960 with his work with the KMSC radio station situated in Texas. After this, he moved on to work in the KTRH radio station in Houston. After this, he got a chance to work with the CBS television affiliate KHOU-TV.

Steve Edwards has also worked at the WLS-TV previously. He has been the host of AM Chicago and Friday Night with Steve Edwards. Other endeavors of this personality include appearing in the CBS-owned television called the KCBS-TV.

The presentable and the highly contagious personality of Steve Edwards was also showcased at its best in the infotainment program called Two On the Town on the KCBS-TV. He has worked as a weatherman as well as an entertainment editor for the same. He has also worked in The Baxters.

Other endeavors of the personality include appearing in Entertainment tonight. He was a part of the show for one season. After this, he moved to the KABC-TV on the year 1984. Whilst here, he hosted the show called A.M. Los Angeles. Hollywood Closeup was another show he was a part of.

Steve Edwards net worth has also increased because he has also worked previously as a talk radio host for KABC in which he appeared in the Sports Talk as well as his very own show called the Steve Edwards Show. on the infotainment program KCAL-TV, he has worked as an anchor and a post. Other endeavors of this hugely successful personality include appearing in GDLA as a co-host as well as for being the host of several unsold pilots, game shows, talk shows and variety shows.

Steve Edwards net worth has increased considerably over the years because of what he has done for television. Steve Edwards net worth is a whopping 8 million dollars and the huge amount of Steve Edwards salary is what is responsible for his heightened fame and net worth. It can surely be said that he will continue his endeavors on screen and Steve Edwards net worth will increase more in the time to come.

Personal Life and Spouse

Steve Edwards has been married and his marriage has been a happy one. Steve Edwards spouse is named Jean Edwards. Before Jean became Steve Edwards wife, the couple dated for quite a while. The relationship of the couple became better and they turned their love into a marriage. The couple is known to have been married for the past many years and is together with each other even now.

This American television personality has two children. Steve Edwards wife and himself have given birth to two children named Ken and Julie. The relationship of the family with each other seems to be getting along pretty well, with no apparent signs of a split.

Awards, Achievements, and Recognition

Steve Edwards has had a pretty successful career in the field of television and he has been recognized widely for the same. For his work on television, Steve Edwards has been the recipient of several Emmy Awards. He has also had a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his continued endeavors on television. Apart from this, he is recognized as someone active on social networking sites.

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